Where would you rather be?

If able, what would I rather be doing, right now? I will tell you what. I would rather be traveling the world, living the nomad life with my daughter *grinning*. COVID sucks for putting a pin on that.

Myself & Bree at a Beach in Jan 2019

Where would you rather be?

This is yet another post sitting in my draft for the past 3 years. I was planning an hiking trip when I wrote this post and I wanted to know if hiking was safe for kids under 7 years of age?

I stumbled on Cax and Craizs’ Ytravel blog, they have been hiking with their kids form age 3 and they share tips, wow. Believe me when I tell you this, their blog is one big goldmine filled with great reads if you love traveling or would like to do so.

I also discovered something new on Caz & Craiz’s travel blog, want to guess what that is? A snack of course..jajaja. ‘Chocolate Nut Protein Balls’, without thinking, I went out to get the ingredients and made mine with Bree, thanks to Caz for providing the recipe for her deliciousness. You should check out her blog for other sugar free healthy snacks recipes as well, I have bookmarked it here.

This is a good weekend to make Chocolate Nut Protein Balls again 😋, don’t you think?


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