Here to stay & Happy Birthday To Me!

Use what you have, for what you have is plenty!

John Obidi

This is a saying I heard from John Obidi in the past, numerous times.

I have always been an advocate of those words, no excuses you see, but I found myself coming up with a lot of excuses in my search for a serene and calming environment, one I could thrive from, I completely forgot the ideology of making use of what’s immediately available at your disposal, and to make no excuses.

In a way, my issue was more psychological, it has taken me a year and harrowing experiences, but I am happy to be able to overcome this problem.

Before that journey began, Bree did ask me why I could not make my immediate environment into what I needed it to be, I told her it was not the same, indeed it was not, however, she was right! I have come to realize that is what I must do, to get to where I need to be.

My cute self somewhere in Kigali - hehehe

My experiences in the past year buttress the fact that one should make use of what they have and what is available within reach to get to where they need to be, physically, spiritually, and mentally!

Some days ago, I read Subomi Plumptre’s newsletter, I love how concise she is when passing across her messages, in a paragraph, she says; “My message today is to stop looking for things where you cannot find them. And there are certain levels of excellence you cannot find in Nigeria yet.”, I could totally relate to that, yes excellence is lacking in so many ways in our country in terms of infrastructure that should be made available to people by the government, however, everyone has a reason to Japa, and everyone can decide on what is best for them.

Stop trying to control what you cannot. Instead, focus on what you have the means and opportunity to change.


  1. Happy birthday Mj the great. Thank you for being supportive, caring, pragmatic , Proactive friend and business motivator.
    One special thing about you is that you are passionate about lifting others. You are emphatically driven to make people better than how you met them. Thanks a million for being you and making the world a better place.

    I celebrate you great lady. Happy Birthday

    Liked by 1 person

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