They almost pulled out my hair from its roots

This past weekend was interesting, my natural hair was violated really bad, so bad I went to look for a pharmacy with dissolvable paracetamol, this has to be one reason I miss Kigali, a lot of salons know how to handle natural hair and they are so gentle, especially when washing your hair, I go every other week to Marina Bella just because I like the washing hair time, it feels like I am getting a head massage, so soothing!

Anyway, the stylist at the salon was so apologetic yesterday, she kept telling me, sorry, and I kept telling her she was doing it wrong, not using the right comb, spray more water urggh. My scalp was not happy at all, anyway I survived that, then went to the cinema to see the bullet train movie and came back home.

A photo of me squirming my face at the salon

I talked about my weekend in my podcast here, give it a listen, it’s 6 minutes only. Have you had any bad salon experiences, I want to read about them in the comments, do share.

Shout out to Make Me Beauty Salon in Surulere, I have never regretted visiting their salon to make my natural hair at any time, I get the same vibe I get in Kigali, even better at this place.

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