Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts..!

I am looking forward to journaling my year-in-review for 2022 by the end of this year.

At my Pops’ burial in June, my first brother had spoken about him at the service of songs, so I told all three of my brothers that I would be speaking at the burial mass, while speaking, I mentioned that of all my fathers’ children if he had 100% good qualities, I was the only one that took after him in those by nothing less than 97%.

When we got home, my second brother said wait you don’t take all because you always get angry and explode easily, I said true, but when did that begin, when did I snap? I clearly remember when I snapped and stopped being the “quiet, hardly taking offense, again quiet self” I was, quiet in thought and words, when I was angry or upset at someone, I would simply go quiet and think happy thoughts.

When I snapped, I became the opposite of that, I never liked who I became because that was not who I was, I disliked that person I became, I never liked chaos, I still do not, neither would I want to be in a chaotic space, anywhere.

I am so so happy today because I finally got my inner peace back, for two weeks now! No matter what curveball life throws at me, with the help of my creator, I will be able to catch those, and throw them right back at life! This is not to say life won’t get me sometimes, it would, but I promise myself it won’t last more than 24 hours!!

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