Year in Review – 2021

A beautiful mural at #cremarwanda

I believe the last time I wrote one of these was in 2017.

2021 began great in my work life, but not so much in my personal life, which was in need of inner peace.

Myself, somewhere in Kigali
Myself, somewhere in Kigali

A lot of good things did happen in 2021.

I shared some on my “Now Now” page here.

My company leased my parents’ hotel in January of 2021, and I hired my little brother to manage that business. In a lot of ways, this was definitely not a for-profit venture for both of us. We considered this a family social responsibility, and our goal was simple, to fulfill our Pops’ (grandpops more like it) dreams, and allow our Mom to take a break from running both business and home.

My daughter, Bridget

A little background about my family, we are 4 kids, I’m number 3, and the only girl 😍, haha. In 2010, after my national youth service corps program (a requirement by the govt for every Nigerian citizen and graduate after tertiary education to fulfill), I had my daughter.

I remember I was so eager to get into the job market to job hunt and my Dad would always ask me to allow her clock a year old. Anyway, Dad got a stroke in 2011 and he has not been the same ever since. Mom took over running the hotel business alongside her poultry which she later closed down, as well as caring for a sick husband and a granddaughter (well, more than one).

I have always been ambitious, but at that point in 2011 and up to date, my thoughts became “how and what can I do to help/support my parents”. My parents are hard workers, they both worked in the civil service for over 25 years before retiring. After which, Dad and Mom literally broke their backs building the hotel (a story for another day), as their retirement project so they could enjoy their old age working at their own pace and doing what they love, hosting people.

Sometimes in April 2021, we camped atop Ado Awaye, the only natural suspended lake in the world as they call it.

The back-story is over, that was getting too long. So where was I?

Around March, I journeyed to Benin Republic to replenish my soul, I was exhausted from not being able to travel in 2020 because of COVID, and a host of other reasons.

I did find some peace and happiness in Benin. Had a great time over there too, so much that I went back with Bree for her first holiday outside Nigeria in July.

With Friends in Benin
With Friends in Benin
Oh yes, my daughter is all grown now!
Oh yes, she is all grown now!

We also started a new building for our village tech Uwani Hub in April, my parents finally moved into their village home too in November, which made me so happy. I went shopping for a birthday dress and had a fabulous 35th birthday party and I danced a lot that night. We had our third pre and teen summer boot camp in August. Bree got into Junior High and I spent October to December in Kigali, Rwanda.

Eating my 35th birthday cake
Thanks to Justin for putting together a beautiful house party, and my friends who turned up.
A picture with my cake at my 35th birthday party
The chocolate on that cake was real, OMG! It was not sugar and colouring, ahaha.

Close to the end of my visit, I visited La Paillotte Cyuza Island in Musanze with my friends, girl did I enjoy myself. I had such an amazing time over there and can see myself living on such an island forever 🏝️. I mean internet worked over there too so why not 😅. I woke up to the sound of birds chirping, it was beautiful.

I did record the birds chirping, and offering it here as a ringtone for $5, not for profit, but for us to finish our village tech hub. Kindly support us with $5 and share with your friends to support us too. If we can get 1000 people to support, we can finish our village tech hub building 🥳

Last but not the least, Nigeria may be flawed in so many ways but there is no place like home so of course, I’m home. I wonder where I would go next though 🤔

How was the year 2021 for you?

Share briefly in the comments, I want to read from you too while I pray for you to have the best of 2022!


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