Remember Who You Are & Why You Are Here, Always

My father’s passing has brought me a lot of realizations, these are things I knew before but somehow lost my way, somewhere along my life’s journey.

Remember how excited I was when I talked about finally finding inner peace when it comes to the spirit of anger. Well, this time, I’m excited about something else and it’s the spirit of attachment, yes.

Finally, I can say I have learned how to let go, of things & detach myself from, people, and experiences that make me unhappy, angry, and defeated.

A lot has happened this year, I dare say this is a year of “a test of my limits” in all areas of my life, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have it all figured out, but I do know what I want and what I want for my state of mind.

I must mention I work with the best set of humans in the world, so supportive, so kind, and so down-to-earth. My Lead at work had suggested for a while that I should take some days off considering all I had gone through this year, I kept postponing until what I thought would be the best time.

Finally, I took 8 days off, so imagine how I felt when on my last night off, I came into my room to find B along with her cousins on my bed, and my MacBook pouch soaked in water, I brought it out, and water rolled off the keyboard, the bottom soggy, you want to know what I did, I put it aside and went to sleep.

I did my work from a desktop the next day, took a round trip to computer village in Lagos by night, picked up the new UK-used PC I had paid for, went to do a pedicure, make my hair, round trip back to my village, & got back home 9.45pm the next day.

I learned some important lessons, how not to get angry at things beyond my control, how to detach myself from things that can be replaced and how to be grateful for things I could control.

As simple and minimal as my father lived, he worried, a lot, even on his sick bed, he worried about things he had no control over. This is one hill I have decided not to climb, not anymore.

As I publish this post tonight, I am teary-eyed, because some people really have no one, & had no one to be there for them in this cold harsh world. I cannot help but be grateful for the gift of life, and more importantly, the gift of having parents who provided all they could to the best of their ability for their children and protected us from the dangers that abound in the world.

I know my Dad is watching over us all, thank you Pops, for being there for us, now and forever!

I am happy once again because these reflections give me the opportunity to remember who I am, who I was, who I want to be, why giving back makes me feel alive, and why it is good to be good and open-minded in this life called “Life” πŸ˜‡.


  1. Nice write up ma. I found it so encouraging and got a good advice from it ma. May God continue to bless you in all ramifications of life ma. Amen!

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