How often do you write and or set new goals?

A picture of me, shot by Michelle, my niece

I haven’t written my “year in review” post for the past two years 🙃, I don’t blog as much as I would want either. This makes me unhappy.

Around 2010 I believe, I sought out a platform to write my thoughts because I believed it would make me a good writer and communicator. I tried Blogger, Hubpages, some others I don’t remember, and then WordPress.

Pssst, side story, I am in 😍 with WordPress. Want to know why? Watch here.

Back to the year 2010, I wanted to write because I had trouble voicing out my thoughts, and even if I did, I couldn’t be concise and I couldn’t drive home my points. It was hard 🥺.

Today I can, all because I blogged, and even though I’m still learning to be a better writer and communicator, I’m happy that I did get better at speaking out, at expressing my thoughts in a concise and straight to the point manner and most of all, setting new goals and conquering half of those goals!

Were you expecting me to say I conquer all my goals 😳?

This week, I have set new Goals. You must be thinking, New Goals again? Yes, New Goals!

My goals sometimes gets carried over 😁, others are never ending, like my quest for knowledge!

  • This week, my goals are to Exercise often with Coach Ojoi
  • Read a chapter in a book daily
  • Start “Responsive Web Design” all over again on FreeCodeCamp
  • Spend an hour with my daughter daily
  • Start cooking for myself again
  • Create a category called “Excerpts from my book” on my blog here, what else 🤔

Today I cooked this 😍 and my colleague at PMPro (a membership plugin development firm) in South Africa, Andrew, named the meal; Roasted Tuna in a mouth watering pepper and tomato gravy over a bed of boiled potatoes and plantain. 💥

Roasted Tuna in a mouth watering pepper and tomato gravy over a bed of boiled potatoes and plantain.
 Roasted Tuna in a mouth watering pepper and tomato gravy over a bed of boiled potatoes and plantain 😁

For now, those are it. Today I read a chapter in Emeka’s book titled “You think you have sense“. A book every University student in Nigeria should own and read.

So what new goals have you set recently❓

Do you do any kind of writing often, work or personal, if yes, why do you write❓Share a link to one of your writing if you want, I would sure like to read.


  1. Mary, what a wonderful post! And it resonates!
    I’ve set several new goals in the midst of this pandemic. First I’m quite happy just to sit at home. Being retired helps, ha! But I have decided to get out at least an hour a day and work…yard work that is. It’s good for me and hopefully will help me with another goal: to lose ten pounds. Yay! The other goal is to read something every day. So far that has been easy to do as well. So, let’s keep our goals running! 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend! Oh, the roasted tuna over potatoes and plantain looks great.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Paul, thank you. It has been quite a while. Happy to read you are great, and yes yard work will always be fun and you did end up spending more than an hour 😁

      I’m happy to read from you, happy to know you are okay and safe. The world is mad right now, the least we can do is to be calm.

      And yes to keeping those goals running 🤩

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