Celebrating IWD2020; What Led Me To Tech?

The team at Bluehost recently celebrated International Women’s Day in March by hosting a Twitter Chat. I had a good time participating in this chat because it made me think back to how my journey began, and what I have learnt so far as a woman in Tech.

First off, let me say this, if you are reading this right now, you are already a Techie. I get that the general assumption is that Techies are programmers or those who studied in STEM fields only. Well, to the best of my knowledge, the answer is absolutely NOT! If you only send emails on the web, I consider you a Techie already! So let’s dive into the questions Bluehost posed to us and my responses to each.

Question 1. What experiences led you to choosing technology as a career?

My Answer: A wake up call in 2015. I had joined some FB groups where a group of people (aka influencers today), were packaging & selling virtual information I knew off the top of my head for premium $. & people (Nigerians) were paying. I was like, just Google people!

Question 2.  What advice would you give someone looking to get started in tech?

My Answer: If you can read my chat, you are already in tech. You simply need to find tech tools in your field of work (I’m sure there are) that solves a problem you have, understand & learn how they work, then teach others what you learnt. Tech is so much more than programming.

Question 3. Who is a woman in tech that inspires you and why?

My Answer: A kind Dr. Madukoma when I attended @AlumniBabcock called me into her office one afternoon, said she’s reminded of @Nnenna a lot whenever she sees me, told me a lot about her works too. I googled her when I got home & was wowed, mostly because she’s black & #Nigerian too.

I made sure when I had the chance to meet her, I did not miss that trip even though I had no feeding allowance for that trip, all I could spare thanks to my mom was my transport fare to Ghana by bus.

Myself and Nnenna at the Tech Women Africa Summit for Women and Girls in 2018

Question 4. What advice do you have for women in tech who are feeling imposter syndrome?

My Answer: The feeling is likely going nowhere. But what I have discovered is when you speak from a place of mastery, the feeling disappears. So, master your craft but know that you can’t know it all, ever, so be humble to learn and when in doubt / unsure, say so & learn more.

Question 5. What has been your biggest accomplishment as a woman in tech?

My Answer: The moments I came to understand how impactful & valuable knowledge sharing is, thanks to Prof. Opeke @Babcock_Univ. Putting those learnings into action using my tool of choice; #WordPress, is my greatest accomplishment, and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Question 6. What has been your biggest learning lesson as a woman in tech?

My Answer: Learning how to lead, not by coercion, prompting / persuasion, but by being a source of inspiration people want to follow willingly. And knowing that, even though people want to follow when I didn’t ask to lead, I have to equally empower them to be leaders.

If you can relate to my answers and experiences, I invite you to share your experiences in the comment section. You may also answer these questions in the comments, you would be inspiring a stranger somewhere across the globe with your realities.


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