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Hiya #All,

Today i want you to know something. 

From playful ideas cometh great inspiration. ~Mary Job

You cannot discover who you truly are without exploring!

Where do you think great stories come from? 

Great stories comes from explorers, those who know how and where to explore. 

What interests are you exploring lately?

I'm exploring Snapchat at the moment
I’m exploring Snapchat at the moment. Follow me there – maryojob



10 things you will regret at age 60

Two days ago, a good friend sent me an audio note which was an interview with a man in his sixties, the man mentioned 10 things which one would regret at age 60. I started playing the voice note, and because i was busy working, i started jotting down the points as he mentioned them, after listening to all; i just had to share with you all. Here it goes:

I took notes..haha
I took notes..haha
  1. Not making the most of your time – I am doing my best to not be guilty of this one
  2. Not saving or investing enough – i am working on this as well
  3. Not spending more time with family – this is so important i have changed my routine to suit my family
  4. Not reading enough – guilty, not anymore, every month i will be reviewing a book i read, click here to find posts.
  5. Not controlling your sexual urges – do i still need to tell you this is important? anyway i am not guilty.
  6. Caring too much about what people think of you – i am so not guilty, i am perfect at this, i always tell my friends when they mention what people will say; ‘i am not responsible for people’s thoughts’
  7. Not taking better care of your body and health – i used to be guilty, not anymore..jajaja
I got evidence...haha
I got evidence, i am keeping fit…haha

8. Not investing in others – i find myself passionate about investing in others

9. Not persevering enough – am i tired? not yet, i shall persevere..

10. Not living your passion – i am doing more of this everyday, enjoying discovering who i truly am.

Of course i am going to add mine….

11. Not being thankful enough

12. Not being happy more

13. Not keeping spiritually fit


Okay, so now you can add yours or share areas you are guilty of or not guilty off with us….

Love ya all! Muaaah.

Shango O!

Nothing ever beats bringing it home…

Moji Speaks

I came across this animation months back and I was glued.

I did again today and as before, I’m thinking large screen, a badass story line because Shango is awesome indeed, popcorns without sugar/salt and what else….

I want to see this on a large screen. Who wants to partner with me on this project?

Its way past the time we should be promoting works of arts that are originally African. I love Walt Disney, don’t get me wrong..but nothing beats bringing it home.

So if you or anyone you know, knows Walt Disney, kindly send them to me for a partnership on this Project. I don’t need to worry about whether this will be a block buster or not, I only need you to understand, nothing beats the 401 Orishas associated with the Yoruba Tradition.

Just ask Susanne Wenger; God bless her soul, and a whole lot of other…

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*nodding my head* *tapping my feet* *dancing to the MONDAY rhythm*
The Yorubas have a saying “A ki wo ago alago sise”.
Meaning – We do not look at another person’s clock in order to work.
Agree or Disagree? Tell me why….
Oh Yeah….Another week is here. Go out & SLAY.
#mondaymantra #mondaymotivation #mondaymadness #mondayhashtags
#MM #MondayHashtags #HappyMonday #mondaymorning #mondaymoments #mondaymotivation #mondayinspiration #mondaygrind #whatstrending

Fighting to overcome FEAR 😰😥

There I was, in my apartment, I had stayed away for almost two months, believing by the time I got back, I did be over the fear of our house being burglarized. Staying away didn’t work because I stayed up all night my first day looking at my door.

Site workers fighting over a big fish caught in the swamp in April

By 7am, the sky was bright, I felt better and slept for about one hour before getting on with work. Came another night, I was exhausted from a long day, finally got to sleep around 6p.m., I doubt I slept long before I flew up seeing it was dark. I thought, oh my, another bout of restlessness:'(:'(.

Yours black and white 😁

I ended up leaving my apartment around 10pm for a friend’s apartment who offered me their couch. Oh my, I was grateful. My friend and the whole family were super kind and warm. Imagine as a sibling waking up to find an homeless person had broken into your apartment and taken over your couch.😂😂. All the while I still felt a little down worrying about what I couldn’t help.


Next day I headed out to town to meet up with a friend who was in town and I hadn’t seen for 6years. On my way back, I thought to myself, why not go see a Kevin Hart Movie, that should boost my mood further.

Getting my movie ticket..

So I did, I watched Central Intelligence..oh my, that’s a side of #TheRock I hadn’t seen, dude was hilarious. And #KevinHart did what he do best, make bird calls…kakakakoo🐓🐔🐓🐔🐔🐔🐓🐔🐓🐔😁😁😁😂.

After the movie..😎😎

That movie gave me another perspective to look at life, how ones life could switch from good to bad or bad to good in an instant, how not to ever bother when people remind you of how you used to always have the best ideas, and still do, evenwhen it looks like they are doing better than you.

Preach the words that are coming outta my mouth 👍👌👆☝

Be focused on you and where you are headed.😍 Same day while surfing through facebook memories I came across this:

Woow..Five years ago 😁😁

Same day, I called a friend who works around where I was, and even though he was headed out already and there was traffic, my awesome friend came back and gave me a big hug, reminding me of the fact that everything was going to be just fine. Next day, I switched rooms in my apartment. Perhaps that would help me overcome the fear. Yet to try it out.


A big Shout out to all the friends who stick by each other, who go out of their way to hold each other up. Can I hear a whoop whoop 😍👍.

Leaving the cinema..

The weekend was better and great. I met with two beautiful moms who made my transition into the weekend a good one.


I had to postpone a training but the responses to my postponement wasn’t so terrible. I also got myself another power bank/Bluetooth speaker/torchlight to replace the stolen one, this is way cooler.

Boogie to the the the front, to the back 💃

I can boogie on the move without my headphones, did I mention it has an inbuilt omnidirectional microphone.😎

I also got a beautiful comment from a friend in the WordPress community. The thought that I make someone feel better with my posts half way round the world, is an inspiring one.


A big shout out to all the good people out there spreading love and happiness in our troll-filled world. Sometimes, a change is perspective and a switch in routine might be what we need to paint a great picture, or overcome that fear & sadness. Or in my case, a visit to a cinema😍😍.


I always say its okay to feel down occasionally, never let the feeling stay for long in your heart, it will eat you up till you can see no more.

My two cents on our crazy world….

Earlier these morning, a topic was started in a group I belong to on how crazy the world is today, and how rampant evil is spreading, and how we should embrace Jesus because the end time is here. My response to that was this and I would like to share here.

A view from atop the Idanre Hills

I think its pretty obvious that the world has gone crazy. Note that I didn’t say ‘is’. The real question is what are you going to do about it? Pardon me if am not a sucker for any religion. One thing I do believe in is this, I was created by definitely a God whose awesomeness I can’t begin to describe, and am pretty sure the last thing he would want me to do is become scared and paranoid at our crazy world, but think about ways I can bring a positive change to my immediate environment and the world at large, give someone a reason to smile and think of ways to alleviate the suffering of the poor man, by that I mean people who are actually helpless and hopeless, not the lazy person who has opportunities but won’t use them.

I will not preach to another to go to church or mosque or temple more or go on their knees and start confessing their love for God (whoever that is to them in various religions), I’m not even worthy to say I love God, but am pretty sure he loves me unconditionally. (Joseph Prince). That being said, love yourself, love your neighbor. Don’t be greedy, selfish, share…share..share..knowledge sharing is power. Stop hoarding…Hehehe…knowledge is indeed empty except it leads to love (Pope Francis). Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.(Buddha quote).

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection (Buddha). Your CHARACTER matters more than your religion, just my opinion, you don’t have to agree, I tolerate yours, do same with mine.

Yorubas say ‘Iwa rere ni eso eniyan – good character is the beauty of a person.

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark. (Swami Vivekananda). Ifa likewise asks us to practice being an Omoluabi (a person with a good, gentle and humble character), that exhibits iwapele (patience), iteriba (respect) and inurere (good intention).

These are food for thoughts for us to ponder on and practice. #justmytwocents on this crazy world we live in.



You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.


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