How do i Let-Go

Sitting here reflecting on the first day we met in person You had such beautiful eyes and a beautiful big smile the shape of a half moon Like the morning sun🌞you were warm – adorable like a dove – kind – loving and humble We were going to see two movies but I had misplaced…

Discover who you are

Hiya #All, Today i want you to know something.  From playful ideas cometh great inspiration. ~Mary Job You cannot discover who you truly are without exploring! Where do you think great stories come from?  Great stories comes from explorers, those who know how and where to explore.  What interests are you exploring lately? #BestBelieveThat #ExploretoDiscover

10 things you will regret at age 60

Two days ago, a good friend sent me an audio note which was an interview with a man in his sixties, the man mentioned 10 things which one would regret at age 60. I started playing the voice note, and because i was busy working, i started jotting down the points as he mentioned them,…

Shango O!

Originally posted on Moji Speaks:
I came across this animation months back and I was glued. I did again today and as before, I’m thinking large screen, a badass story line because Shango is awesome indeed, popcorns without sugar/salt and what else…. I want to see this on a large screen. Who wants to…


*nodding my head* *tapping my feet* *dancing to the MONDAY rhythm*   The Yorubas have a saying “A ki wo ago alago sise”. Meaning – We do not look at another person’s clock in order to work. Agree or Disagree? Tell me why….   Oh Yeah….Another week is here. Go out & SLAY. #mondaymantra #mondaymotivation…

Fighting to overcome FEAR 😰😥

There I was, in my apartment, I had stayed away for almost two months, believing by the time I got back, I did be over the fear of our house being burglarized. Staying away didn’t work because I stayed up all night my first day looking at my door. By 7am, the sky was bright,…

My two cents on our crazy world….

Earlier these morning, a topic was started in a group I belong to on how crazy the world is today, and how rampant evil is spreading, and how we should embrace Jesus because the end time is here. My response to that was this and I would like to share here. I think its pretty…

Playing Smart… Where do you draw the line?

Then I thought, how smart is smart? What’s smart about playing smart? Or rather I should ask, what’s smart about playing on people’s intelligence? Is honesty and straightforwardness now very lacking? Is it that kind of smartness that sells in business and personal lives today?

My Heart Speaks..

It had been my companion
It tries to rekindle a flame
But I killed it and with it I died ~#KiKi

Kids….so innocent!!

There I was on a beautiful cold morning, heading out to school…I had a 7am class and I sure didn’t want to be late. At that time, primary and secondary school kids were usually on their way to school, be it walking to their various schools or in their school buses, you would see them….

Pro-Life Vs Pro-Choice

Our discussions desecrate the Truth and dismiss simplicity as anachronistic. Everyone seems to hold a misconception about life in which he invests his all into the material that promise more than they can deliver. ~Herbert Uba Take the pledge…. Cheerio Lovelies Each new idea begins with an impulse, at times technical, sometimes material, often visual…