That girl is not Loose!! #feminist

She’s young, beautiful and brainy with a hot sexy body and curves in the right places but she’s just clocked 18, still a teen, the peak of her life is about to begin, she’s been looking forward to this day, she’s on her way to becoming an adult, she’s so excited, she got a lot of friends from her neighborhood, family friends, friends from school, friends from her place of worship, her siblings friends’, and oh she’s also looking forward to making new friends especially now that she is going to college.She’s simple, easygoing, friendly, she gets along with everyone, she’s happy and contented with her life, her family and her friends, she’s happy just the way she is. She’s grateful to God for loving her so much and blessing her so much.Everyone tells her you are so pretty, she smiles and say thank you. Everyone smiles at her wherever she finds herself, she mustn’t break a leg, various folks will come to her rescue. She has big dreams, she sees herself becoming the best Woman there is, she’s hardworking, she pictures herself with her prince charming headed for the altar on a day that’s going to be her happiest day. She pictures herself loyal and devoted to prince charming.As each day passes though she begins to realize the world is not as simple and plain as she pictured it especially now that she has gotten into college. She sees its a man eat man world, every man for himself. Its what i like to call “OYO” – ON YOUR OWN*. She is on her own. She realizes not everyone that is smiling at her has good intentions for her, especially more even those she calls friends.

She’s fresh off the assembly, (pardon me). She is untouched. Every male species that sees her both young and old have their googooli (my favourite word for a covetous eyes) eyes on her, not on the person but the body, the curves, they look at her and they talk amongst themselves like damn i would like to get in those jeans. Those she calls her friends are also plotting and waiting. Male friends to her elder brother(s), sister(s), cousins and family friends are also plotting and waiting.

She continues to live her life happily, she falls in love, she feels on top of the world, she tells herself he is the prince charming she has been waiting for. It eventually does not work out, she is heartbroken, she wonders what went wrong, she moves on and probably falls in love again and again. In all the process, she has been touched at one point in time. She decides not to love again and just have friends, after all she had friends before from all areas of life.

She continues to live a normal life with her friends, not knowing that some of them too have been plotting and waiting for their time to pounce on her, she does not suspect foul play because they have all come a long way. Her neighbor offers her a ride on her way to the mall, she sees nothing wrong in that, after-all they are neighbors, she has girlfriends too, she visits them, their parents are so nice to her too (especially their dads), her brother’s friends or cousins also come to their house and are extra nice to her, she suspects nothing.

Then she begins to notice and suspect that their niceness is for a purpose, she shrinks back, OMG, they all want the cookie from her not because they care or they love her, they just want the cookie and the honey from her pot and that’s all they want. Young and Old they all want the cookie and they would give anything to tap that.

I am not writing to defend any female who knows what these male folks want from her and indulges on purpose for whatever she thinks she is getting in return neither am i judging anyone who has been a victim. Because in all these, some females have definitely fallen victim to one of these male tactics and people who think they are holy and righteous and who have also indulged in these bad habits in their world are the first to say, oh i know that girl, “She is Loose”.

It all boils down to one thing….SELF CONTROL. For those male species that don’t use their mind to control their heads…why do you lack self control??? Their excuses; her body rocks, she is pretty, she is naive, i want her, we are made this way, its natural for men, she dressed scantily so i was tempted, she led me on, she flirted with me, amongst others. Has it ever occurred to you that we all perceive differently, you think she is into you whereas she is not, she is just being nice and friendly so you don’t tag her rude or proud.

My Opinion : Be closer to your God personally ( not in church, there is rot everywhere), this doesn’t mean you wont go to church when you ought to. Also never put your trust in human, you can give a benefit of doubt but never ignore the warning signs. Lastly let your MIND rule, most people believe otherwise that is, the head should rule, common sense but we all know only a few percent of the world’s population actually have common sense. So train your MIND, it is a very powerful tool that has been bestowed on us by our creator. Tame your mind to rule your head appropriately, after-all the head is tied to your body, and the mind to your soul. The body dies and rot but the soul lives on….

Men and Boys….teach your googoli eyes some control, Women and girls…be careful and live right to the best of your ability, though you may fall…don’t be sad, be strong again because you are indeed a beloved child of God and your own prince charming will indeed come if you believe and behave right.

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