Who else likes to jump on trends?

If there is one thing I am not good at, it is jumping on trends, if you find me jumping on one, best believe there is a reason for my move.

So why don’t I like to jump on trends?

Well the answer is quite simple, why be among the first set to be experimented on 💁

There are some homegrown services that I have been excited to use either their web app or mobile app. And of course this is not because almost everyone is using said app, but because I can relate to something either about the founder, it’s usefulness, and or use case. So let me tell you about the few that interests me.

Paystack – my numero uno!

I got told about this app by my colleague Tunbosun. Tunbosun built the WooCommerce Paystack Free App anyone with a WordPress website can use to take payments on their site.

Before Paystack, I remember asking myself where the heck I was going to get NGN150k (about $400) to integrate quickteller on my website or NGN75k (about $200) to integrate GTPay. I mean I barely made NGN20k (about $80) online then in whatever business I was into.

PiggyVest – I fell in love with this app about a year or two after it launched!

I got introduced to this app by Sodiq aka GeekTutor (aka the WordPress Babalawo). Sodiq runs the Lagos WordPress Community. I would say I trusted his judgment and gave the app a chance, well I love the app now and I tell people about it.

Third on my short list would be the Standard Chartered Bank app. This was also recommended by Tunbosun, and I’m asking myself, where has this app been all my life. Is it the clean easy to use app for account opening, or the fact that I don’t get charged 25 naira every time I make a transfer, or the fact that the ATM card is mailed and there no charges apply when I use that card on other banks ATM.

I have been a Gtbank customer for over ten years, heck even 15 and I must say my love love relationship with GTB is coming to an end. This is a rant for another post so let’s leave that.

And now Abeg Appthis one shouldn’t be on my list seeing as I removed it. There was so much hype about this app on Twitter just before I left on break.

Anyway you already know I don’t like to jump on any trend. But let me tell you why I decided to give Abeg App a try. So I read an interview published on Techpoint Africa and the founder’s “why they created the app” was very thoughtful. He said;

“Do you remember how many buttons you have to click to make a payment via a bank app? We want to remove those obstacles and allow you to send money in just three clicks. That’s our promise,”

Dare Adekoya, Co-founder and CEO of Abeg tells Techpoint Africa.

You must be wondering, so why did I remove the app? Well, it kept asking for permission to my contact list 😠. Can someone explain why this is needed please?

Anyway there you have it. My top most used local apps, not much I know. I will update this post anytime a new favorite is added to my phone.

Tell me, what local apps in your country are your favorite(s)?

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