Who is a Christian?

Walkway leading to the business school

Today was long and very fruitful, just as my day was about to end, I needed to get to my department secretary’s office to drop a file, I was walking very fast because it was almost 5pm and the office would close. I walked past two primary/junior high school pupils, I didn’t even see their faces, heard just their conversation at the point of passing their sides. It went like this:

Pupil 1: Oh, no she’s not a Christian
Pupil 2: she’s not
Pupil 1: Oh, I meant she’s not an Adventist..

I say primary school or junior high pupils because their height wasn’t up to my mid-section. Did I forget to mention, my school is an Adventist University, a big wonderful community, I say community because you can get almost everything you need from within its walls.

As i went about my way, i couldn’t help but ponder on those lines, oh no she’s not a Christian, oh I meant she’s not an Adventist. I couldn’t help but wonder what they are being taught, what they have been taught, and what they will continue to learn. I can’t help but wonder if not being an Adventist makes one (definitely not me) less of a Christian.

So what makes one a Christian? Have a beautiful Wednesday.



  1. I believe that Jesus was both the message and the messenger. I believe the Godhead exists and that Godead spoke everything into being. I don’t believe in Religion. Religions are created by men to classify one person better than another, to seperate people into groups that eventually are so exclusionary that hateful things are the only possible result. I don’t care what color you are, what your belief system is. You were created by the same Godhead that created me. That makes us equally presious and equally loved by our Father the Godhead. You are my sisters and brothers and i love you all.

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  2. It’s quite expected though..biblically speaking. The reiteration about “the narrow way”, the “deception” etc really puts the minority at a logical advantage somehow. I’m not saying that’s conclusive though, but I’m saying that the majority of Christians have strayed from the rudiments of Christianity and half the stuff that comes from the church podiums is just sad to say the least.

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  3. Christian is supposed to mean follower of Christ but because there are so many differences in how we ought to follow Christ, some people think that some Christian denomination may be more superior than the other or in extreme cases some may be a misrepresentation of what Christ stood for.

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