Trip to Kore, Jigawa State, Nigeria

Have you ever lost a picture or video you took for a purpose? I have, not a lot of times, but for this particular trip, i did, and it hurts. I lost all video footage, nevertheless, i have put together pictures as a slide show with a little hello video from Kore at the end. That being said, let me brief you about this trip.

My BFF served his NYSC in Kano State and i had been postponing my visits for the whole year. He was passing out, and i just had to make the trip otherwise i may never set foot in that town again which i pray to, lovely city, you can find great documentary photographs from his one year stay here. While in Kano, my mom called and said, why not trace your paternal grandma’s village, it is in Kore, which i later discovered used to be part of old Kano until another state was carved out (Jigawa that is). Anyway, i don’t want to bore you and myself with writing since this is a Vlog.

Hope you enjoy the picture slide show I could put together. Music was sang on stage by Emmy Jackson (Sadly network couldn’t let me receive the audio track from him on time and this post had to go), title – Njideka (which is an Igbo name for girls meaning ‘I have the best.’)

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i wanted a travel channel for so long but never got to creating one, much less documenting my stories on it.

But guess what?

You already know right?

Yesssssssss!! my travel vlog is good to go, Click here: My Travel Vlog

My first video documented by me, of my visit to the Idanre Hills, a World Heritage Site. Click Here……

Your comments and observations are appreciated. Mwuuuuaaah. Hope you Enjoy this. Xo.

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Visit to Idanre Hills, in Ondo State, Nigeria.

Idanre hills is located in the Southwest Region of Nigeria, in Idanre Town, Ondo State precisely, about 15 minutes drive from it’s State capital of Akure Town.

It’s peak is reached by climbing six hundred and sixty seven (667) steps and it is a beautiful tourist destination with wonderful sights all the way from the bottom to the top and back. It is estimated to be over 800 years old. The ancient town is on the hill top while the new settlement is at the base of the hills.

Idanre hills, in the past offered protection against invaders and are appeased and celebrated annually. This video documents my journey to the top of the hill with my brother. We had a guide and paid for that, and he was very helpful and answered all our questions well.  I wasn’t able to do any editing to my video, just joined it all together. It has been laying on my phone for months now, so I figured to upload anyway, hope you enjoy.

Crew visit to Cape Coast, Ghana

I was in Ghana for summer year 2015 for my Internship as a Volunteer with the Salesians of Don Bosco English Speaking Province Community.

This video was made by a friend Bartosz on a day out to see what Cape Coast offers, we visited the Kakum national park, the Elmina castle, a crocodile restaurant and lodge, and Brena beach…

It was Super fun, informative and a rich experience.

My First Vlog that got uploaded using my Infinix X510

So i was going back to my house from my early morning routine walk exercise, and i told myself, this feels like a good time to make my first vlog or blog video or whichever it is called these days.

Honestly am lost on what name to give it….perhaps selvid….from selfie..who knows..argh, well, you can suggest one…