I believe in Nigeria!

I wanted to share this video a while back from a bikers point of view of his journey in Lagos, then I came across a post from a friend today who’s the CAO of Srialto.ng and I just had to share both right way.
Here’s the video by @onodivine:

Here’s the post:

Great News – Harley Davidson to Launch in Nigeria!!!

I met one of Harley Davidson’s executives, Enrico D’Onofrio at an event put together by the University of Oxford (Said Business School) recently, the man’s exquisite sales type of mannerism struck me in a good way when he spoke.

He made his way to where i was talking with a bunch of people and introduced himself, “My name is Enrico, Managing Director Harley Davidson and i happen to sell a dream but people call it Motorcycles…” – The ability to connect your product to people’s wishes in a short sentence just blew me away!

After intros, he turned and looked at me and asked, “where are you from?” to which i blurted out “Nigeria Enrico, I am Nigerian” and to my disbelief, he was pleasantly surprised. So i asked, “why are you excited to meet a Nigerian?”, he replied “Harley Davidson is launching in Nigeria next year and we are all excited about it; the market, the people, and the opportunity to reach across Africa through the country – that is the future for us!”.

Oh Wow! Harley Davidson in Nigeria???!! What came to mind was the amount of jobs that will be created and the power of the brand associating with the name Nigeria! Wow!! He and I then went into a bubble discussing the execution of ‘product launch’ in Nigeria as i had to share my plans for the launch of Srialto.ng with him.

How refreshing it was to discuss Nigeria as a market without any form of bias – it was just all about business and opportunities! But you see while i listened to Enrico talk, a discussion i had a month ago with a couple of Nigerians who i was unfortunate to have met in a social gathering flashed through my mind – you see a gentleman at the table that day said “it is foolish and unwise in this day and age to be connected in any way to Nigeria” – that statement alone spoilt my evening. To say i was mad was not an understatement!

My anger at the statement that the Nigerian made was not directed to him alone but to the general population of Nigerians that think like him (and unfortunately they are the majority!!). We do not see the good in each other as a people that is why we are where we are today! Unfortunately there can be no growth or change in our circumstances until we change this sadistic point of view!

Anyway as i bade farewell to the newest member of my network i said to him, “Enrico i really like the statement you used earlier on when you were introducing yourself”. He replied, “Chika i have got one specially for you “I don’t sell a destination, i sell a journey!”.

Maybe it’s too early but I will like to wish my fellow Nigerians congratulations for attracting a company like Harley Davidson to Nigeria and also I will like to wish you all the economic prosperity to be able to afford Harley Davidson’s products so that we can all stop hurrying up to a destination but instead enjoy our journey to our destinations.


(Chika is a serial entrepreneur and a social commentator).

If you are wondering why I’m posting this, the answer is simple. I am proud of my country Nigeria, and good things also happen in my country. We have both beautiful and ugly places, we have beautiful destinations, we have beauty all around us amidst the bad stuff too. 

Think again, if you think Nigeria and the only thing that comes to your head is a slum, poverty ridden people or corrupt and bad people. You my friend must be a joker! Ciao.

P.S – Be on the lookout for my next vlog on my My Travel Vlogs, I will be taking you through the roads from Ijebu town, to Lagos, to Abuja, to Kano, to Jigawa, back to kano, Abuja, through Okene, Akure, Ibadan to Ijebu town. 😍

Sign UK government and parliament petition to openly investigate stolen funds from Nigeria kept in the UK & return them

The UK has served as a haven for stolen funds for corrupt Nigerian political officials and their associates since the early 60s. These funds are kept as pseudo assets, bank accounts & properties. In law, the receiver of stolen goods is as guilty as the thief. It is about time the UK does something.

Sign this petition

9,184 signatures as at now..

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At 10,000 signatures…

At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to this petition

At 100,000 signatures…

At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Deadline – Nov 19th 2016.

NB – Only those who live in the U.K., students and their spouses on short, or long courses or permanent residents can sign. Source of write up: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/130118

Thanks and do share. A friend living in the UK requested I share on my blog too.

Stop unsolicited network messages in Nigeria

Nigerians can finally block nuisance text messages from their phone networks – http://qz.com/725732/nigerians-can-finally-block-nuisance-text-messages-from-their-phone-networks/

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 😂😂😂😂

Yes this is exciting news and I have already text the code. It has to work o. Wondering why I am excited with this, those messages frustrate my phone. Read my previous post on this issue here.

This is the response I got after texting the code...waiting for 24hours to see results.

Operation Date Your Network!! #DateYourNetwork


Conversation between a guy and a female customer care agent:-

Lady: hello!!!. Good morning, thanks for calling (MTN/GLO/AIRTEL/ETISALAT/OTHERS) customer care service, my name is Judith, what’s your name and where are you calling from?

Guy: hi!!!. Morning, my name is Segun, and i’m calling from IB (Ibadan).

Lady: How may i help you, Segun?

Guy: I’m looking for a wife to marry.

Lady: is that why you called the customer care service Sir?

Guy: Yes, and i think i’m already in love with you…you know you have a very nice voice.

Lady: Hello, please, we only attend to issues about your (MTN/GLO/AIRTEL/ETISALAT/OTHERS) line, okay?

Guy: Yes O… This is an issue about my (MTN/GLO/AIRTEL/ETISALAT/OTHERS) line too…because i spend too much credit calling so many girls asking for their hands in marriage.

Lady: please, I would have to put an end to this call…

Guy: Baby please, don’t talk like that now. I promise to make you happy…you would be happy with me. can I have your number pls?

Lady: *raises her voice* come, mr man, I think something is wrong with you.

Guy: *cut in*… Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Hold it there… I hope you can now feel how frustrating it is to receive a call and hear unsolicited rubbish? From today, warn yourself and every other staff of yours over there, let none of you call me with funny numbers, including the automated calls, only for it to be an advert or send me those silly unsolicited messages and adverts. You people disturb my phone on a daily basis as if i am dating your Network… Do have a wonderful weekend!!🙅🙅🙅🙅


Do you ever get unsolicited messages and phone calls from your Network? You rush to answer your phone call only to find out its an advert from your Network Provider or a third Party. Are you pissed off? Are you angry? Are you tired? Launching operation date your network…Click the link to read more and give us your feedback, let’s bombard our networks with date request so they can feel the Love from us to them. Share your experience…..🙆😎💃👀✌

All Lives Matter…Arise Africa!!

Africa Arise....!! Design by #Afronative...Osunmanu M.

I found a definition of Poverty in response to this interesting article written by Khanyo Olwethu Mjamba on July 16, 2014 about Africa and the issues our continent face.
Comment goes thus, written by Alex Roberts:

We also need to redefine “poverty”. Many rural and farming folk don’t know that they are “poor” until some philanthropist comes and tells them! Being Self-sufficient, community oriented with no TV and dusty children is not poverty. Poverty is losing your land which fed and clothed you and being forced into a town where you have to buy everything, but have no urban skills.

Just think about that for a minute, told they are being poor in quote, think about it a little deeper, does it sound like our constant struggle to continually be at the mercy of the rat race, we are told to go to school, get all the degrees we can get, just to be in the rat race, “till we are dead or our bodies fail us”. Yoruba people will say, mo fe ko ile mo ile, mo fe ra moto, mo fe bimo le mo, mo fe na wo, etc..meaning, I want to build houses, I want to buy a car, I want children, I want to spend money. Well, all to what end??

Now let’s think a little deeper, ” with no urban skills”, that sounds like we are innovatively dead, sounds like we have sold our souls to become buyers and buyers, there’s no selling here, we have gotten supposedly educated, now we are just wallowing in the rat race. We can’t create anything, we have lost our innate ability to be creative. Like a sister said on her Facebook status this morning and I quote “The future is not something you enter into, it’s something you create. Visit quimpcy beauty world for natural beauty products. Like her page Here. Am proud of her, she is a good example of what it means to be innovatively alive…!!!

What kind of Future are we creating?? A sustainable future aimed at the betterment of lives? Or A destructive one aimed at the oppression of others??

#AllLivesMatter – embrace that, and believe it.

Mandela to Nigeria in 2007…this is 2015
“Educate children of the poor, so that they can get out of poverty. Poverty does not breed confidence. Only confident people can bring changes. Poor, uneducated people can also bring change, but it will be hijacked by the educated and the wealthy…give young Nigerians good education. Teach them the value of hard work and sacrifice, and discourage them from crimes which are destroying your image as a good people.”
(Excerpts taken from a 2007 interview with Mandela conducted by Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed).

Do I need say more…? Oh yeah…..

Do I need to add that education here doesn’t mean; educating to be in the rat race BUT educating to be innovatively alive!!!

The fires of innovation should be furiously burning within us, driving us to sustain and not oppress, making humanity and our planet better, not destroying it….but to be at peace with all. ~Mary Job

P.S – This isn’t just about Africa, its about Humanity. Wherever you are, what kind of future are you creating??

#TrueStory #SpiritofSports #SupportSports #HelpMakeADifference #SportingRocks

True story. In the late 90s i was part of the Ogun State Basketball Team alongside Larry Johnson Balogun and Adeoye Idowu Ajala and a few others, and we were set to feature at the National Sports Festival that year, but had to play zonal qualification tournament against Oyo, Lagos and Osun State. The tournament was at Adamasingba stadium and i was super excited to represent my State, i was so young and was gonna shoot 3 pointers lights out, and do MJordan impressions, stick my tongue out, kiss the floor, make cool gestures when making free throws and the whole NBA shebang. But low and behold we got to the venue and we had no jersey to wear as a team. All the other teams were fully kitted with matching trainers, some even had their names at the back of their jersey and we were confused as to what was gonna happen. As you can imagine, i was livid…but wasn’t as free and uncensored as i am now, so i sat there in utter dismay. But guess what, what started as a bad day got even worse as our team had to borrow the jersey already worn by Osun State players in their game against Lagos state, soaked in sweat…stunk to high heavens and we had to wear it for our game against Oyo state which commenced immediately. I remember vividly squeezing the sweat out of the vest i got like tiny rain drops and wearing it…feeling the coldness of wet rag over my back before lining up to play. Now do i need to tell you we got completely hammered by Oyo state, despite the fact we had great players like the two gentlemen i mentioned above. The morale was dead and how could i even try to be cool when i looked like sh*t.
I made a promise to myself that when i grow up and get sorted, i will do something about grassroot sports and try to prevent such ugly scenarios again…as nobody should ever have to go through that. Well… that time has come. Join me in welcoming MACJOB SPORTS FOUNDATION and please support this course as it’s dear to my heart.


Support/Donate Here, in any way you can if you agree that no one should ever have to go through such a demoralising feat/situation!! (Read more about the foundation also by clicking here). Thank you Fans and Followers.

A piece written by the Founder.. MacJob, G.

Ref – Ogun Sacked workers!! My thoughts on the matter!!!

I came across this news online saying Governor Ibikunle Amosun (for Ogun State), reportedly ordered the sacking of six officials of the State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and a secondary school teacher, over an examination question.

The Passage in the exam question the students were asked to summarize read thus:

“There is no arguing about the fact that the government is merely paying lip service to the development of education. It is true that a lot of money is being spent on the education sector but with little or no impact felt by the people, except where we want to deceive ourselves. Many schools run by the government, which were formerly known for academic excellence have suddenly lost their prestige and are living on past glories. No wonder, many parents and guardians are threateningly left with only one option, to withdraw their wards from these schools to other ones that are better managed. The evidences to show that the government is not doing enough to assist in the development of education are many. Even pupils in both primary and secondary schools can volunteer a good list on their fingertips. One of the numerous indications is the government’s inability to pay running cost to schools. The running cost is the token amount per pupil paid to school administrators to run the affairs of the school in a term. This has been neglected to pile up for several academic sessions. Another one is the regular poor conduct of terminal examinations. These examinations are not usually conducted as and when due. The government may have one excuse or the other, but real educationists know that appropriate timing is a strong factor in the process of Continuous Assessment (CA) of students. Thus, a situation, where for instance, the first term examination is shifted to second term is an outright departure from the norms and ethics of Continuous Assessment.”

Let's cultivate and promote healthy reading in schools!!
Let’s cultivate and promote healthy reading in schools!!

Errrrrrrrrrr, are you thinking what I am thinking?? Brain used to say that a lot to Pinky, in their cartoons. First of all, I don’t see any part of these passage mentioning Ogun State government in particular, and even if it does suggest so, sacking/dismissing/terminating their appointment over these is an outright embarrassment to all those involved.

Secondly, this is a wake up call to all State governments in Nigeria, this statement succinctly describes the state of our educational sector, parents now seek to rather send their wards to all sorts of private schools, some with half-baked teachers, and most with exorbitant school fees, the population of Nigerians studying outside our shores is over-whelming. Who wouldn’t?

Thirdly, is it too much for the Nigerian government to fix the educational sector? Is it too much to ask that the sector be revamped? This person has just pointed out our problems, and instead of seeing how the issues raised would be discussed and tackled, workers are being witch-hunted, over what??

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
– Nelson Mandela (I am beginning to wonder if those who followed the due process in this case are educated.)

Lastly, I thought our society is democratic? If it truly is, why is the government bothered about the person who wrote this passage?? I want to believe the State Governor has no hand in this matter, someone please tell him to speak up and out!! Are we anti-philosophers? Anti-development? Am I the only one bothered? If not, I want to hear your thoughts on this matter!!