Evernote Walking Challenge

Awesome. Great to find out i am not the only one who prefers to walk….as opposed to jogging. Haha.

#FitFam i am lagging behind. Thanks for this wake up call David.
I am going to try Evernote..i have never used that. I see the icon and i simply say NO. Time to test out something new.

Chape Personal Trainer

It´s no secret I love walking. Walking has several physical and mental benefits: reduces stress, controls blood sugar levels, boosts the immune system, burns fat and more.

You can lose body fat and get in shape through walking alone. Often, sedentary people choose intense workouts when they want to get in shape. Big mistake. It’s hard to stick to an intense routine if you’ve been out on the couch for a long time. You need a routine first. Intense routines come later.

Beach travel - woman walking on sand beach closeup

It´s no secret I love Evernote, the place to organize your work, declutter your life, and remember everything. As you know, Evernote has endless applications, and I use it to deliver personalized training and meal plans, all over the world,  and easily keep track of my clients´ daily progress.

I´m excited to announce my first fitness challenge on Evernote. This walking challenge will build discipline that will help you stay in shape…

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I got a feeling..

Are you feeling down, unhappy, sad that things are not going the way you want? 

Fret not, sometimes all you need is a step back to explore similar perspectives, troubleshoot, then approach your problems with a grateful, thankful, happy heart.

Today is going to be Awesome! Don’t you agree? I woke up to see this picture by Nature Photographer and my BFF, Adeolu of CepitMomento Blog, and instantly I affirmed today is going to be awesome. 

For I,

For YOU,

Because we are all UNIQUE beings in our small world. 💋

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Somewhere in Abuja, Nigeria! Long walks made easy when you’ve got a beautiful view and a safe distance from the road.

I will tell you something good

Few weeks ago, my daily routine got badly disrupted, i went from sleeping by 10pm to sleeping at 4am, it took me so many years to overcome not sleeping at night and there i was slipping back into that disruptive routine. You see, ever since I made that decision last year November to shut down my PC by 7pm, and go to bed before 11pm, i found myself functioning at a higher level of productivity, i got more done within a month than i had in a year.

i made my list despite having lost 3 hours because i woke up late – and i decided to rock my round earrings just to piss off folks who say a round shaped earring does not go with a round face.

The goal for me was physical, spiritual and mental fitness and i wasn’t about to back down, but i was slipping so fast and it almost became a routine again. Quite a series of events had occurred within the past 6 months that have guided me on the journey to become a better person to myself and i am loving the new me to be honest. Let me tell you something good today:

Nobody can help you but YOURSELF!

Needless to say i had to put an end to the madness before i finally slipped away. I did and guess what? I woke up on the 1oth of April and said enough is enough. I got back on track despite sleeping late and waking up late as well. The universe did not let me down either, i got on my PC bright and work-ready to find my Chrome browser didn’t close correctly – meaning i had the option to restore my tabs or start afresh, What do you think i did?

i proudly covered all the tasks i listed out for the day by focusing on one at a time. Focus’ will be a story for another day.

The moral of this story is this: You see even though i tried so many tactics such as asking friends to wake me up before 7am, at the end of the day, i had to make the decision myself. Yes it is okay to be supported by friends, family and loved ones, but only YOU can make the decision to be saved, no one can decide that for you!

Who else had an amazing Easter weekend?

10 reasons why eLearning is essential for students!

Great Post.

On an e-Journey with Generation Y

Technology has the power to transform education. It is essential to bring it into the classroom to empower learning. Why?

  1. Students need to be engaged with what they are doing to improve learning outcomes – See technology engages them.
  2. Enables students to become thinkers/learners/risk takers in a sheltered environment.
  3. Learn not to rely on the teacher…be accountable themselves…become independent!
  4. Teaches digital literacy.
  5. Valuable employable skills in a digital world are learnt –appropriate online behaviour, good digital citizenship, cybersafety, plagiarism, working with virtual teams, self discipline in a virtual world, digital and global entrepreneurship, globalization etc eg  
  6. Broadens the horizons of many students as it exposes students to the world outside their city or country town.
  7. Fits in with Rural Education where students in small rural schools need no longer be disadvantaged by distance and isolation, as technology allows them to learn virtually and maintain their subject choices, allows eg…

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Never doubt yourself for one minute

The WordPress Discover Page lives up to its name because it is one place I enjoy going to explore amazing bloggers, remember my last post talked about exploring to discover who we are.

Earlier this year I had told myself i wouldn’t like to miss any discover post or photo challenge anymore, sadly I still do, especially when I want to come up with a post at all cost, the inspiration runs away.

One thing has worked for me though, it might work for you too, I visit daily post to see what the week’s challenge theme is, I note it somewhere in my thoughts, and the most miraculous thing always happen when I don’t sweat about coming up with my post response to the challenge.

What happens you may ask? I get presented with an experience that serves as my appropriate interpretation to the challenge.

Around 7:30am this morning after a whole night of working on my PC, i took this picture, matter of fact, I was sending it to my cousin to show him how sleepy i was, what’s interesting is that i woke up 5 hours later and the last thing I remember doing was clicking the shutter button.
I know that I am beautiful, but when I look at this picture, I see a beautiful and secure individual, it makes me wonder why i have been doubting myself for so long!

If you are reading this, and you are like me, doubting the power of Self, guess what, its time to let loose, remember, we discover who we truly are by exploring, not hiding thinking we are secure.

What sayeth you my friend? We let loose or we keep hiding?

Discover who you are

Hiya #All,

Today i want you to know something. 

From playful ideas cometh great inspiration. ~Mary Job

You cannot discover who you truly are without exploring!

Where do you think great stories come from? 

Great stories comes from explorers, those who know how and where to explore. 

What interests are you exploring lately?

I'm exploring Snapchat at the moment
I’m exploring Snapchat at the moment. Follow me there – maryojob



Embracing Failure: Here’s My CV of Academic Rejections

I engage in public speaking with youths on using ICT as a tool for self empowerment and the first question i get is how do i make money, i always wonder if it is wrong for me to tell them they would most likely fail at their 1st attempts or not, sighss! Anyway thanks to Jessica for this post, how do we succeed if we don’t fail, in failing and learning to plan and strategize, we become better and then become the greatest.

jessica vitak, phd

A few days ago on CNBC, I saw this article on a problem especially rampant in academia, and one that I’ve talked about on numerous occasions: the perception that successful academics never fail in their work. Every manuscript is accepted! Every grant proposal funded! Jobs are thrown at them. This (mis)perception is very much in line with one of my primary streams of research on how people engage in impression management/identity curation in digital spaces. On social media, this is often framed as FOMO (fear of missing out)—we see everyone around us living glamorous social, work, and family lives while we sit at home on a Friday night.

In academia, this framing of success can be problematic at multiple levels. First, for students just starting out, they may not be properly prepared for dealing with failure—which is more common than success on several metrics. If they assume success, the failures…

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