A birthday post from 2015 😮

Mary at a beach in Lagos


It’s 3.50 am. For some reason, my brain is awake at nighttimes these past two days, and I’m all fired up to get work done.

I’m taking a break right now, electricity is back after two months, it’s all chilly here thanks to the AC, and it feels good to be able to hold my warm cup of cocoa. Earlier today, I thought of publishing one post a day as I did often in years past.

So I came into my drafts and scrolled to the oldest. This is the post I found so off it goes to be published, 5 years later.

To me of course, from Benny

I woke up 5am on this day. The first message came from my dad, the night before, then my little brother, then my niece in the house came to wish me a good one.

My first call on my birthday 5 years ago came from BJ, he called me this year too in the morning, and reminded me he always call to wish me a good one. Haa, I have added his to my calendar so I can reciprocate going forward.

Another one from Benny

Then my sweet ma,
Then my friends, Fr John Idio
Then Femi of Image Genius
Then Pastor Simeon
Then Paul my correct Tech friend
Then Bro Matthew
Then my Nieces’ Mom
Then my wonderful brother at home
Then another sweet brother tweeted at me..

I know, I know, what’s all this, it is 2020 after-all 😂😂😂😂

It’s never too late to begin a new goal in life! Understand that, know peace and go for Gold on your Goal.


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