You are not allowed to quit

So about two years ago, I wrote a post about 10 things to watch out for, not to regret at age 60. I stumbled on that post today and it resonated even more, mostly because I stopped exercising about a year ago, I stopped praying, I stopped reading / writing often, I even got tired by the last quarter of last year and I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted to with Family.

I am not yet 35 but I am regretting it already. My back hurts a lot I want to cry. Its so hard to get back to exercising after a long break but I am determined to get back and be the beast that I ought to be. At exercising that is!

Today I went back to my dance workout, selecting a hard one, the Hip Hop Tabata Dance Workout, by @KeairaLaShae. I had the mind to give up before I begin, but when Keaira said,

You are not allowed to quit, but you may pause this video 😳

Keaira LaShae

I knew she was talking to me. I did pause the video once at about 19 minutes, but I didn’t give up.

What about you?

What’s that one thing that is so good for your health and mind that you want to give up on so badly? Or you already have given up on? πŸ˜•

Shot taken in front of my Airbnb in Kampala on my way to Day One of WordCamp Kampala 2019
Shot taken in front of my Airbnb in Kampala on my way to Day One of WordCamp Kampala 2019

Tell me about it. Understand that it is okay to give up sometimes, but when you realise what you have given up on is good for your body, soul and mind πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾

Dust yourself up and try again – Aaliyah!


  1. Fantastic Write up my WordPress mentor .You actually practrise what you write .I am a witness to that .you taught me free for two days amidst all comfort .You never put on your TV for once .You were up all night typing and working while i slept off. And I was scared to see you disciplined yourself to make it in this field.Thanks for gingering me up again.I refuse to give up.Lets hang in there Sis..Thank you.

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