Update: I had my birthday fundraiser, hosted 8 Women in a 1-Week Intensive Bootcamp

This is an updated post. The fundraiser was successful. The Tech Lady Bootcamp was successful as well. I want to say a personal thank you to all my supporters, Geobajas Hotel, Uwani Hub, Noel Tock, WP101, Orion Origin, Anita Adefuye, Deolu Adediran, EasyWP, Nubiannette Consulting, Yetunde Akinyosola and How Do You Tech.

You folks all ROCK! I am grateful for the trust and support you accord to me when I call. You can view the event recap here as well as photos from the programme.

I’m not a fan of celebrating my birthdays, I usually just take the day as it comes, not weird I’m sure. I think why now though 🤔 I needed something more and I may have found it in our village hub.

Ever since we began opening in full capacity at the village hub I created for females curious about tech, I have felt more fulfilled. I am more happy and bursting with new ways to make an impact on females in my region daily. The first coding camp we held was successful, even though I was skeptical if we could pull it through. We did.

My birthday came up November 19th and I planned to spend it with ladies selected to take part in our first ‘tech lady bootcamp’ at @UwaniHub. I have found my calling and I had a birthday fundraiser to make sure the bootcamp was a success.

Group Photo taken on arrival day after the welcome dinner where we got to know each other better, thanks to Deolu Adediran for the beauty shots,

So here goes to my friends, supporters and loved ones, who made this happen, thank you, for believing in me and not making me be an Island. Did I ever tell you our village hub, Uwani Hub, is named after my Paternal grandmother, the one I never met, but told I’m the only one who looks like her the most ☹️

The goal was $2,202.47cents and we raised it all in Kind and Cash! We catered to 8 Beneficiaries, 4 Trainers, and 2 Volunteers.

Interested in how the funds was spent? Kindly click here for a full breakdown of what it costs to host 14 humans in this one week intensive bootcamp hosted by Uwani Hub.

Featured Image Caption: Group picture with the ladies at the bootcamp, thanks to Yetunde for the tasty and awesome looking cake.


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