My Divi Story

I first met Divi in 2017 after a lot of failed attempts buying other themes and not getting them to work for the use case I needed or as intended. I was very skeptical about Divi but decided one last shot at buying a premium theme was worth the risk.

I took that risk and it has been one of the best decisions I made while doing WordPress so far. Th Divi community is filled with set of humans who believe in the power of tech for good, the community is very welcoming and supportive.

Ever since I met Divi, I have not looked back I am afraid, it has been one of my best tools in achieving whatever website I picture in my thoughts and on paper, its’ seamless and straightforward to use, of course as with any technology, there is always a learning curve. I believe Divi currently powers 90% of all WordPress websites I have ever built.

I love Divi, I love the Divi Community, and may the creators of Divi be forever blessed for empowering my life professionally with such a useful and functional tool. Together with a friend, we made it our mission to purchase Divi lifetime license during the last black Friday sales last year. The team at Elegant Themes are doing it again this year and you do not want to miss that sale at all.

Because of Divi, I went from making $50 websites to $1000 websites @HowDoYouTech in two years.

Thank you Divi ❤️❤️

This photo was taken at our first Divi meet and greet in Lagos last year.

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