Stop Squishing Me

Okay first of all, this post has been in my draft since the 9th of April 2018. Yes, that old, OMG, I must suck at publishing 🤔. And guess what, this was not the only post waiting to be published on my blog.

I woke up today determined to finish writing a post I began in October 2018, about the Summit for Women & Girls I attended in Accra, Ghana. That post is finished alright so expect it soon, but then I thought to check if I have any other draft posts and discovered 23. Oh my word!

Anyway here goes this one.

Alas, I learnt a new word last night. Or rather many many many nights ago. I enjoy smouldering my daughter with kisses when she’s dosing off in a bid to look for her trouble. So on this particular night, I did the same thing, then she said:

Stop squishing me.

says Bree..

At first I was taken aback, I don’t even know that word. Hehe, so I checked and found its an informal word meaning:
• yield or cause to yield easily to pressure!

What does that even mean in this context 🤔anyone cares to elaborate?

The little missus, in today’s episode of ‘lets argue’, she insists she’s a teenager 🤦


  1. Squish is an interesting word. My definition of squishing is onomatopoeia for the sound that’s made when squashing something, kind of like rubber sneakers on a wet floor. Also Google “squish definition”.

    just FYI, I had to look up the spelling of “onomatopoeia”.

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    1. Interesting…that rubber sneakers sound on a wet floor stands out. Very similar to the kiss kiss sound made on cheeks 🤔

      I see.

      And ‘onomatopoeia’, I’m letting Google pronounce that for me o 😮

      Hello Mwanavhu, how are you this midnight 😁

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