Do you use Re: or Ref: when sending a mail?

This has got me sitting on a fence for a very long time. When you send an email with a subject title that makes reference to a matter already been discussed, which do you use?

For so many years, I thought using Ref: in the subject line of my email meant I was making reference to the subject. And to think I even teach basic email communication skills 😌 oh goodness.

An intern I work with sent me a mail the other day and in his subject line, he wrote ‘Re:’, naturally I would correct him if I legit thought that was wrong. However something in me says why not double check.

I always double check my answers expecially when I want to make a declaration, again to avoid mistakes. So I googled and discovered ‘Re’ is the right one to use 😲

Which have you been using and why?

Let’s learn from each other. Oh and moral of he story? Simple, we never stop learning, and learning can come from anyone. No one knows everything. Well, except there are some sort of advanced humans or rather aliens on another planet we know nothing about.

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