I got the Best of WCEU2019

WCEU 2019 Swag

Yes I did. The best being connecting with old friends and making new ones 🧡🧡

Remember how hard and long I cried? All because I could not make it down to WordCamp Europe (WCEU2019) in Berlin. There were so many awesome humans I wanted to meet in person, if I had to start writing down names, this story would not contain all. We are talking about over 1000 humans here people, no exaggeration🤪.

We used to have a saying, ‘the most patient dog eats the fattest bone‘, I say used to, because where I come from today, we act like it’s the fastest that gets the fattest bone 🤔we have forgotten how to be calm. If you ask me I would say we need to slow down, but I want to read from you. What do you think about that proverb?

Coincidentally, I learnt a new proverb on my trip to East Africa, precisely in Nairobi and from my Uber driver because I was late to my event. It goes like this:

Haraka haraka haina baraka, meaning Hurry hurry has no blessings. (From my Uber driver, somewhere in Nairobi)

Well, I can’t help but agree that this is true, Again, let me say this, the universe has something in store for each and every one of us, always!

About six tees for me alone..whaaat! All possible sizes 🥺
Spot my Inpsyde pen drive and Wood Speaker from WCEU2019
Say hi to my collapsible Woocommerce travel cup 🥰

You would agree with me considering all the awesome stuff I alone got from WordCamp Europe without being physically present, thanks to my wonderful friend, Caspar, who walked all around getting me awesome stuff, and to all those who shared those goodies with me. I am definitely mentioning these companies one by one, to show my sincere and profound gratitude for the goodies I got.

Haba, they all deserve a standing ovation. Thank you to all #WCEU2019 organisers, volunteers, speakers, participants, y’all rocked! And to @Yoast, @WooCommerce, @Jetpack, @SiteGround, @EasyWP, @GetPantheon, @GetShifter & @Inpsyde and of course @Glueckpress for the swags 💋@WCEurope 💋from @maryojob

Like it or not, good things will always come to those who wait because the universe made them wait!

So if you are out there, and you are hindered by the universe, wait let me correct that!

You think the universe is hindering or has hindered something big you wanted to happen. Fret not, take a breather, sit back and look for the bigger picture. Between you and I, there is always one! Find it!

I want to say a big thank you to all WordCamp Europe Organisers, Volunteers, Speakers, and Participants. Thank you to Yoast for the fans, magazines, pens, recyclable notepad, Woocommerce for the collapsible travel cup, Jetpack for the reusable straw and brush, Siteground for the socks, WP Engine for the music collectible, Shifter for the fans, Easy WP by Namecheap, Get Pantheon for the caps, and Inpsyde for the 16gb pen drive.

I love them all 🥰, thank you so much. Last but not the least, to the livestream crew for such a wonderful job, allowing me to participate and watch the event remotely, kisses to you all 💋💋

To the new friends I have made, salut 🙌! To my old friends, get over here 🤗🤗

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