What i learnt from emceeing the JSforWP conference

We keep talking about how the web is connecting individuals from far sides of the globe and how it’s building bridges for our ever evolving world. I am not new to attending virtual conferences, but Emcee-ing? That is a new one for me and I got a chance to pull one off, thanks to Zac, I had fun learning and meeting new and old friends in the community.

Listening to sessions at JSForWPConf

Okay, I know what you are thinking, it’s a virtual event, how much fun can that be right? Well I will tell you what made this interesting for me. If you know me well enough, you would know I take crazy risks often and face my fears any chance I get without hesitation.

Did I mention this was a JavaScript (JS) conference? A subject I am not even the tiniest bit of an expert in. but hey guess what? I did learn something from every session. I emcee’d the less technical track, being an emcee meant listening to the each entire presentation, driving engagement and encouraging listeners to ask questions, as well as preparing each speaker in the green room before we go live. So what did I learn?

  • Speaking in front of any crowd, physical or virtual, definitely not spiritual is a huge self esteem booster for me. It can be for you too, there’s nothing like too much self esteem, or is there?
  • I learnt how to be brave from Tammie, and how to identify stages and symptoms of burnout from Tammy, I found I had experienced almost all the symptoms she talked about 😳! Don’t live in denial if you have experienced any of these symptoms, get help please.
  • I learnt from the mistakes Emerald made when starting out on her JS journey, and how to overcome them. I switched with Fabian, a co-emcee, for an hour and found myself in a very technical track with Adam on JS hooks in WordPress, at first I was scared, eventually I understood a little. Yesterdays’ rookie is todays’ expert, don’t you ever forget that in your journey.
  • I learnt how to design my first Gutenberg block from Mel, and how to build a business around blocks from Rich Tabor, both sessions were an eye opener, the future of WordPress business seems to lie in building blocks 🤔, if interested, take note. Birgit analysed the Gutenberg plugin landscape in such a way that non technical people definitely understood, plus her slides were visually descriptive.
  • I learnt from Jeff the benefits of static WordPress websites, seriously, is there anyone out there who likes a slow website? While Mel thoroughly did justice to how to go about designing your first Gutenberg block.
  • I even did some Yoga with Zac and everyone 🤓the fun and value I had, you cannot imagine it. If you are looking to learn JavaScript in WordPress deeply, then here is where you want to be.

I mean, come on, I got the chance to learn so much in ten (10) hours. I even got a new inspiration for the summer. We have been holding free digital skills workshops at our village hub for a year now, and for the first time, we are opening up this month of August, a coding class for teenagers. While the programme is totally free, we believe the teens will benefit if they were camped in-residence. We are lucky to have our hub in a family oriented resort, but we need support for feeding and setting up bed spaces for each teenager. We have estimated to spend NGN20,000 ($54) on each teen and we are looking at only ten (10) since this is our first. Please support us here to make this immersive and totally free.

Help us make this really immersive and fun for these teenagers.

Last but not the least, I re-affirmed a belief on meetups/workshops I always held but somehow lost focus on, which is;

‘its not the number of people that show up that counts, it’s the number of people who leave feeling like they just struck gold, because you made an impact with the knowledge you shared!

Thanks Zac, I had so much fun and got value from doing this! Was a pleasure to meet you Christie and Fabian 🤩

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