How do i overcome the feeling that i have failed?

Mary with no filter!

Do you feel like this year has cheated you? I mean, come on, just a minute ago, it was ‘Happy New Year’, and today, it is May 19th? How did that happen? Do you know? Because i do not.

I had my todo tasks for the year all lined up, and figured out, it was perfect, and now i am wondering what happened.

Just yesterday, i beat myself up too much, i considered myself failing in many of my todo tasks for the year. Even my grandma called me yesterday, she was upset, it felt like she saw right through me, she encouraged me to love myself better.

I woke up today with mixed feelings, i did my early morning workout with Keaira LaShae for the first time in six (6) months. Now, i am smiling amidst droplets of tears in my eyes. I feel great about myself. But, you see, it is not just because i started my exercise this morning, i smile because i am surrounded by the most amazing people on the planet.

I know what you are thinking! Family right? Not just family, also friends who have turned family, and you want to know the best best? I am surrounded by amazing people, both physically and virtually. And i want you to thank them for me. I want to thank you too, for reminding me that i have a personal space here on the world wide web where i can share my thoughts and meet with you.

I will live today, and every day after that, remembering the things i have accomplished and the greatness yet to come!

What about you? How would you live?

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