Depressed? Practice these things

A good friend had these advises on depression to offer me a month ago. Now, i think i am being stingy for saving this in draft all this while. So here it goes, i hit publish:

  1. Identify the issue sincerely and calmly find a way of managing it 🤔
  2. Do so in a professional way keeping anger and bitterness out 😉
  3. Talk to a good friend about it. If you want, i will listen, reach out to me 😉
  4. Do some cardio or exercises you enjoy. I recommend dance workout videos by Keaira
  5. Have hot and wild sex 😲(they say it works wonders)
  6. Celebrate with a good meal, a nice wine and a noisy/wild bedroom 🤷🏾‍♀
  7. Add whiskey to your coffee and if w%$d is legal in your area, smoke some 🤷🏾‍♀ (I added this)

If any of these works, please leave a feedback in the comments. Someone out there in the universe might benefit.


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