I miss you! I wish you are here!

my best friend...i still cant believe it. I know you are in a better place. Rest on Sweetie

I got no better words. Kelly got my back though!

[Intro: R. Kelly]
Yo whats up, my nigga
You know I was in the hood
I just thought I’d stop by
Holla at you for a minute

Pour out a little liquor or something

[Verse 1: R. Kelly]
Nigga, we done been through a lot of shit together
From running these streets to being down for whatever
And now that you’re gone I got a whole lot of shit to tell you
Things I should’ve said way back when we was younger

Remember when we used to roll hand in hand
And now I’m tripping on how I really miss you, man
And remember when you and me would say
We’d get up out this hood and everything would be okay
It’s all good now (my nigga)

We out the hood now (mmm)
We had the same ideas, but not the same careers
We shared the same old laugh, and now the same tears
You were my homie, my sconey, my Roni
My nigga and never placed no bitch before me
Man, I swear to God I love you for that shit

Why’d you have to get hit
Where was I, what time was it
You were supposed to get older with me
On stage, hands on shoulders with me
Copping them Range Rovers with me

Sitting on thangs and smoking trees
And if it wasn’t for the will that God had made
I’d turn back the hands of time and take your place
Sitting here sipping on this Hennessy
Just thinking about how much you meant to me (my nigga)

Even when you’re gone you will always be my nigga
Though you made it home I’m still missing you, my nigga
I’m feeling like the timing was wrong, my nigga
I know you’re smiling down saying carry on, my nigga
Sometimes my nights can get long, my nigga

Sometimes I feel God did me wrong, my nigga
So I had to write a song, my nigga
Just to let you know that you’re still my nigga

Lyrics copied from AZLyrics.com



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