Meet Krumble..

If you have gone through my welcome page or any of my online profiles, you would know read me saying I love cats, but never owned one. This is true. I look forward to being able to mother one in the future though.

I was in Nairobi last month and I had the opportunity to meet two cats, I lived with one, Magic…a black and shy cat. The other Krumble, was a friends cat and she was cute and cuddly, white and brown colour.

When I first arrived at the airbnb I stayed, and I met Zhara, Magic’s mom, my housemate, the first question she asked was if I was allergic to cats? I said no of course. I was excited at the thought of living with a cat for 10 days. Magic was too shy so it was hard to get a picture of her, find her on her moms instagram here.

I went to Mombasa after my stay in Nairobi to attend WordCamp Mombasa and Crystal, Krumbles mom, had told me I could go to her house in Mombasa to adopt one of her cats, but eh I couldn’t.

I couldn’t because I would have to make arrangements to bring the cat back to Nigeria. However, I told her to be ready, because next time, I will come prepared to adopt one of her cats.

So do you love cats?

P.S: Cats are associated a lot with witches in my side of the world. Don’t pay that any attention though. I think its’ BS.


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