3 days, 3 quotes Challenge – Day 3

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

For day 2, click here. Day 3, here I am:

When you approach bumpy roads in life and just need to get by. You get through the morning, the afternoon, the evening.

Up comes the night, a time for reflecting and relaxing. You have spent the entire day trying to avoid bumpy roads. So what will you do tonight

Well, if you are like me, you just freaking #whiskeyIT right? And when you wake up the next morning?

You know you should have #MangoJuicedIT, because why? Life goes on and you my friend have to keep moving, albeit happily – Mary.

So i said i would nominate three people at the end of today, but on a second thought, i am going to leave this open to anyone interested. However, i did love to hear your quotes so drop me your favourite in the comment section below. Thanks to Zainab once again for inviting me to take part in this 3 day 3 quote challenge.

With Love From:


I also want you to know, when you need me, I’m always here and i got your back, come rain or sunshine!!



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