There is still hope for Nigeria

When i first saw this tweet from Matt yesterday, i made a mental note to read the full story later.

I was still sad from discovering the tanker explosion that took a lot of souls away yesterday. I feel really weak and sad because it could have been anyone on that road at that moment.

I was on it two days ago myself, i take it all the time too. I still feel sorrowful and i just cannot imagine the pain those people in the inferno went through. 

I decided to read the story now and i can tell you the words of General Ann Dunwoody has given me a little hope. I may not be excited at the moment but i am hopeful.

She said and i quote “People that inspire me are people I believe are true leaders — valuing honesty and having the best interests of the country at heart. No hubris!”

I am hopeful because i am reminded that there are people out there like General Ann. People who value honesty and the best interests on their country at heart. This is what Africa needs, this is what Nigeria needs.

This is what each and everyone of us should must aspire to be, if we want the Nigeria of our dreams. If we want our children to not suffer when we are gone. This is what we must re-learn, and teach it to our children. We must not continue to be selfish if we want Nigeria to get better.

General Ann

Thank you General Ann for giving me hope in this dark moment. May the souls of the departed find peace.


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