I’m thinking..

I’m thinking about a lot…in no particular order except for the last which is a constant feature on my mind.

I’m thinking about how expressing my thoughts by writing and blogging it here has led me to speaking out..

I’m thinking about the company, income, expenses..

I’m thinking about WordCamp Lagos 2018..

I’m thinking about WordPress in LagosIjebu, Nigeria, rest of Africa..

I’m thinking about WordCamp Africa..

I’m thinking about my family in general, our lives, the business..

I’m thinking about my father..

I’m thinking about my mother..

I’m thinking about my brothers..

I’m thinking about a lot….

I’m thinking about the thoughts and ideas that popped in my head I never blogged..

I’m thinking about the last time I blogged from my WordPress app..

I’m thinking about soaked dates..

I’m thinking about my project corrections I have to submit before the 31st..

I’m thinking about the paper I and Obinna ought to have published last year..

I’m thinking about my PhD application which has opened but I don’t feel ready..

I’m thinking about the blogging Nigeria project I started but yet to kick off..

I’m thinking about making one FB live video every week to make me overcome my fear of doing live videos..

I’m thinking about the first WordPress for Women event and how it clashes with another major engagement I have cannot be absent at..

I’m thinking about why I’m carrying a hairstyle I’m not comfortable in (don’t look at me, puffs make me feel really good inside)..

I’m thinking about loving, vulnerability I never allowed myself to feel I feel right now..

I’m thinking about love..

I’m thinking about that Huawei universal mifi, Huawei desktop phone battery and external hdd I should have gotten ages ago..

I’m thinking about how tired I am of thinking..

I’m thinking about Bree, ballet lessons, fees, a home we can thrive peacefully and be the best of ourselves..

How about the thoughts stop here ✋.. Go do some 22, it will do you some good.

Here’s to a smashing and colourful week!!

Are you still thinking of something? Snap out of it and start doing….🤓

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  1. Whoa that’s a good bit of thinking, but I think that’s wonderful! I love the one–thinking about thinking. Ha! And I agree with you dear Mary, sometimes it’s good to “not” think. I try meditation and it does me a world of good. I sit and empty my mind for ten minutes. I may do this two or three times a day. It’s not easy but I always feel better, especially when I start thinking negative stuff. sigh.

    But always good to hear from you. I hope your week is off to a great start. One good bit of news, You don’t have T-rump as a president! Lucky you! He’s an ass, and I personally apologize for his absurd remarks regarding Africa.

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    1. My apologies for the late reply Paul. I have a lot on my mind lately. Thanks to practicing turning off for a year now and doing 22 (I was introduced to mid last year) I have been able to turn off my thoughts and rest or work in peace.

      True to that, we don’t have T-rump but you don’t need to apologize for him. He is the president, doesn’t mean he speaks for all Americans. We have his twin who’s too old to comment on matters affecting the nation here (thinking about my nation makes me 😡).

      Leaders who suck abound..! We will fix it, in time.

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