The best photo of 2017: Year in Review

Mary Mojisola Job in Traditional AttireThis has got to be my favourite from 2017. Why? urgh, isn’t that obvious? It isn’t everyday that you find me looking like this, it was my brother’s wedding day. Matter of fact, a lot of people who saw me on that day kept asking where was my real face. Even my daughter said, you are not my mummy. Those who were make up fans kept blowing me kisses. If you ask me, i did say i was indifferent, i loved the gele (headgear) tied on my head and the beads on my neck and hand.

2017 started in a great way, first i had handpicked two businesses to focus on, i was s0 excited, i kept telling myself this was the year, finally i am going to be LIT (whatever that means these days). I had everything planned out perfectly but guess what? My plans literally kept slapping me in the face one by one, offering me something else, much better every time.

So first i got a breakup audio note on the 3rd of January, the year was about focus so i did my best to shake it off. The year crawled towards the middle of the year then it got exciting real fast, don’t get me wrong the early part of the year was not bad, it went good, i was getting freelance jobs. Sometimes in May, i found a summer course in e-governance i was really interested in, the course outline was explicitly valuable and i was so eager to be a part of it.

I prepared to be a part of that programme but like i mentioned earlier, my plans did not work out but oh boy i did learn a lot of good, one major thing i learnt was that i needed to go learn accounting 101 if i hoped to succeed at any business, my financial life was in disarray.

July will go down to be a memorable month in my future however, because not only could i love again, i kept loving and learning new ways to love, i must admit i suck a little in that department, scratch that, i suck an awful lot. You see a lot of what i had been working on all year got better perspectives, it felt like i could finally see what i had been trying so hard to see all year.

Come October, i headed out to Cape Town for their WordCamp conference as a speaker, something i never anticipated or planned for at the start of the year. Need i tell you i had crazy fun and met a lot of awe-mazing people, go see for yourself here if you haven’t.

The rest of the year went by faster than i wanted, i enjoyed and lived every day of it the best i could. I offer a toast to an amazing 2017 and all the beautiful people (Ade, Bro Sam, Anubhav, Bree, Kb, my Fam, my WP family) that made it wonderful and liveable for me, thank you all.

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