The Lone Wolf isn’t always Alone

Its been a while I blogged expressly like I used to. I thought about that today while having a discussion with a friend about why we as humans in this century attach a label to everything we do. E.g, I’m a writer, I’m a blogger, I’m a foodie 😂 etcetera 

Today we had our 4th Lagos WordPress meetup for this year and just as I got close to my abode about few mins to 9p.m., I stopped to buy cowbell coffee close to the house. There was a young man from the Hausa tribe of Nigeria selling yams in a wheelbarrow. As I walked past him, I smiled and greeted him saying Saanu which means hello in Hausa Language.

On my way back, he smiled more and said a few words that I imagined was more greetings. Now don’t go laughing at me because I don’t understand his language, my paternal grandma is Hausa but heck I can’t speak 😌.

Anyway his enthusiasm about striking more conversation got me thinking about how happy and relieved we feel when we find someone who speaks what we speak in the midst of a crowd that doesn’t understand us or who we are or what we do.

Two things involved here like Basket Mouth the comedian used to say. 

1. A smile at a stranger costs you nothing.

2. That young man could be you or me. #Be Welcoming..❤

I want to read your thoughts…share by commenting ❤


  1. “A smile at a stranger costs nothing.” So, true. And how far it goes to bridge the ethnic groups in Nigeria. Keep writing, Mary. You don’t have to be a writer, though. Just do the good thing people derive value from (by writing, as one tool) because that’s who you are–a strong beneficent woman. Thanks.

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    1. Thank you KB. You did inspire this post 😎, thanks again for the kind words.

      I agree with bridging that gap, too wide, we need to close it, one smile at a time 😍


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