How do i Let-Go

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Sitting here reflecting on the first day we met in person

You had such beautiful eyes and a beautiful big smile the shape of a half moon

Like the morning sun🌞you were warm – adorable like a dove – kind – loving and humble

We were going to see two movies but I had misplaced the second ticket

This made me unhappy but you didn’t show the slightest bit of anger

Instead you held my face in your palm looked into my eyes and kissed me🌞

Sitting here reflecting on the moments we spent together thinking about what drew you to me

Now I know it is your beautiful heart ❤❤that i am in love with

I remember you said “I will be back and I will come find you wherever you are”

Sighss, I don’t want to Let go, but it is time..😥

I just discovered this great song and i am dedicating it to all those who need strength to hold on…be it Life, Love, Work, Relationships, Success, and many other more. Enjoy this awesome track by Johnny Drille❤


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