Shango O!

Nothing ever beats bringing it home…

Moji Speaks

I came across this animation months back and I was glued.

I did again today and as before, I’m thinking large screen, a badass story line because Shango is awesome indeed, popcorns without sugar/salt and what else….

I want to see this on a large screen. Who wants to partner with me on this project?

Its way past the time we should be promoting works of arts that are originally African. I love Walt Disney, don’t get me wrong..but nothing beats bringing it home.

So if you or anyone you know, knows Walt Disney, kindly send them to me for a partnership on this Project. I don’t need to worry about whether this will be a block buster or not, I only need you to understand, nothing beats the 401 Orishas associated with the Yoruba Tradition.

Just ask Susanne Wenger; God bless her soul, and a whole lot of other…

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