Who is Moji?

I had the craziest feeling all day to start a new blog. My BFF just asked me how I manage them all, to which I replied honestly – I don’t know.
Anyway, meet another side of me, follow and I hope you find what Moji has to say interesting in her future posts. Cheers lovely people. I love you all and I love WordPress. Hahaha.

Moji Speaks

Yes, who am i? To be honest, i surprise myself everyday, i cannot speak much of myself so let me start my first post on this blog by telling you the meaning of my name “Mojisola”, Moji for short. By the way, i am Nigerian and i am from the Yoruba tribe. From the little Yoruba i learnt in secondary school, my name is pronounced in full as “Mo ji si nu ola”

Etymology : Means “i woke up into wealth” in Yoruba.

Origin : Yoruba

Gender : Female

Who is she? – I dont know..hahaha! Tell me if you do…

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