How to Hack Hard work

Definitely hacking into hard work. Follow through on your schedule 24/7.



  1. Mary, you are so right. This post reminds of a story. Years ago when I was a teenager. Mama told me at the supper table that she needed me to clean out a fence row by the house. The fence row was on the east side of our property. It was full of weeds, briars, tough saplings, brush, vines, and heaven knows what. I was miserable. It was summer, hot, humid, and mean. I didn’t want to do it. The next morning Daddy stopped by my room. He was on his way to work. He was a sheet metal worker. He knew what hard work was. He told me “You’ll be a better person when you go at the job you hate and do the best work you can without stopping.” He was so right.

    Your post is so true and completely in tune with my father’s advice. This is a good example that great ideas never die, because great people, such as yourself, keep them alive.

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    1. thanks Paul. Thanks to @diginto for sharing the beautiful message with us. Your dad is awesome, we need more dads like him and pray for dads with the right spirit and thinking in all of us. Glad to know you my friend. Xoxo

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