Single Girls Rock..Guest Blogging Means?

Guest blogging is fun isn’t it? I believe it’s another way of sharing part of our thoughts with another set of people interested in a particular topic. For those that have niches, certainly your niche isn’t the only aspect of your life you have experienced, hence think of contributing on other blogs that sparks a passion in you as a way of releasing those other thoughts stuck in your head.

Dont they?

At least that’s how i see it, and my niche on this blog will be my thoughts; if thoughts are a niche. So let me introduce you to the first place i am contributing at, i started about two months ago, and i have two posts already. I apologize for forgetting to tell you all. I present to you the, Single Girls Rock Site, i am pretty sure married girls rock too by the way. Damia of the Single Girls Rock site founded this because she believes it is necessary to redefine what it means to be single. I had found her site via Dray of Dream Big Dream Often blog and i was so wowed i had to release some parts of my thoughts over there, so enjoy.

Here are links to my posts:

my first post –

my second post –

My Author Profile on SGR

I love the fact that i have different faces, all with my asian eyes though..xo

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