Visit to Idanre Hills, in Ondo State, Nigeria.

Idanre hills is located in the Southwest Region of Nigeria, in Idanre Town, Ondo State precisely, about 15 minutes drive from it’s State capital of Akure Town.

It’s peak is reached by climbing six hundred and sixty seven (667) steps and it is a beautiful tourist destination with wonderful sights all the way from the bottom to the top and back. It is estimated to be over 800 years old. The ancient town is on the hill top while the new settlement is at the base of the hills.

Idanre hills, in the past offered protection against invaders and are appeased and celebrated annually. This video documents my journey to the top of the hill with my brother. We had a guide and paid for that, and he was very helpful and answered all our questions well.  I wasn’t able to do any editing to my video, just joined it all together. It has been laying on my phone for months now, so I figured to upload anyway, hope you enjoy.

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