Why children cry.

Ever wonder why children cry?

Cepit Momento


Beaten, battered, afflicted and abused.
Today a child has to strive just like you
Lost its innocence, street smart and savvy
You’ve got more to fear from a child older than two.

Defiled by the one trust has been entrusted.
Clothes torn, confused about what they had done wrong
Ravished off their dignity and pride
We say they are young, on their innocence we ride

Spilled ice cream, after a fall, a bruised knee
Kids test their limits in varying degrees.
In blissful innocence, they let their emotions go
Each tear is a lesson learnt, a sign of growth

A playground spat, cheated and bullied
A few things that make them cry,
The parting of a loved, even for a second they cry, they are not shy,
they never want to be alone.

You wonder why the decadence of today’s youth.
It started from the tears you didn’t wipe from…

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