A Useless Female Child..

Quick Question…When you say a female child is useless because they don’t meet up to your expectations of a female child, what do you expect?

Expectations such as;
~To be a great chef, so that she can cook great meals for her brothers, children and husband in the near future.
~To bow to your belief in gender role of the kitchen as the place for the female child in the house, because that’s what you have been taught, and you equally taught her same, but she refuses to subscribe to your belief.
~To be sensitive to your feelings without you being sensitive to hers, accusing her of not caring about anyone, not bothering to find out why the child does not express her feelings, perhaps you never taught her to be expressive.
~To shut her mouth when opinions are being given, because really she’s female, women should not speak up, heaven forbid they speak their minds as they think it, they should be silent observers, yet you wonder why you believe she’s not sensitive, when she has been taught to bottle up her emotions.
~To never talk back to adults when frustrated, even when the adult has resulted to calling her all sort of names to justify their angerly feelings.
~and to of course be in her husband’s house by a certain age, in the instance where she’s not, she is a prostitute and you make sure to let her know that’s what you think of her when there’s a fight between mother and daughter.

So not only is she useless, she’s also a prostitute, and you let her know no man will marry her because she talks back when fed up, she can’t cook all meals perfectly and she’s insensitive.

Now back to my question, should a mother that calls her female child such names expect any good from that child??

And yet some folks will wonder why we have males who believe it’s their entitled right to have a female cook, clean and babysit them all their adult & married life. Boys (not men) who can’t even understand the concept of taking part in cleaning chores around the house, how much more cooking.

My answer would be NO. That child will exactly be what you call her, except she doesn’t believe in any of the names you call her, #justmytwocents though.

P.S. ~ You get what you give, always!

But Alas, am I being dramatic?


  1. I can’t imagine this kind of treatment. I thank my parents for my happy-go-lucky, carefree, adventurous spirit because they just let me be. They really gave me all the freedom; somehow I considered the young me spoiled. But I don’t think I abuse their grace.
    I’ve known expectation for a long time. And the lesson I always learn from it is basically to never expect anything from anybody.

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  2. It wasn’t so much how I was raised as how I was treated by my then husband and HIS mama. I was his servant. We had girls and it was MY fault because I was too skinny. I was too skinny because I didn’t know how to cook and refused to use her recipes.
    I was to literally be his whore as well…”don’t ever turn him down or he will go find somebody else.”
    He was to never change a diaper, wash clothes, sweep, help around the house or be faithful. Those were MY jobs because after all…I was a useless female child.
    BTW…his daughters are useless as well.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Laurel. Tell me about it, i can’t imagine all that. It’s just sick for anyone to be subjected to such, without ever bothering about her feelings. I’m sorry you went through all that, thank God you didn’t get choked πŸ’•. I hope you breathe in peace now.


      1. At least I’m away from it now but I will forever regret not only…not standing up for myself…but for having a spineless coward for a husband, who sat by and let her rip me to shreds while he listened and watched…and did and said NOTHING.

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        1. I’m glad you got out of the Toxic environment. Some women are not fortunate to make it out. Hugs to you from way over here πŸ’•πŸ’•. Our future is spotless, we write out future. πŸ‘


  3. You have made a great case for the rights of women. The fight for “equal rights” starts the moment the girl-child is born. And even though great strides have been made over here in the good ol US of A, believe me, with Hilary Clinton running for president the overt sexism of males is becoming louder and louder.

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