MakeITUltra Award – Explore Original Blogs

It will always be an honour to be nominated for an award, amidst countless blogs available, the fact that one was thought of and nominated is a gesture I will always appreciate.


I want to thank Sharon of the Element Healing Blog for nominating me for the MakeItUltra award. She is my mom and sister from another mama. Haha! She writes about healing for the mind, body and soul, honey the cat, and her thoughts in a positive way. If you have never visited her blog, I invite you to check out what you have been missing here.

This award was designed by the author of the blog MakeitUltra, it’s also a cool blog that you should check out, this is what he says about the award:

The MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers for quality content, originality and presentation. The intention of this award is to encourage connectivity and support in the blogging community and to increase exposure for individual bloggers.


Nice thoughts put to action…what are you thinking right now?

Here are the rules 😎: 
1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog. DONE.

2. Take a moment to positively promote the person who nominated you. DONE

3. Display the award on your blog by adding it to your post and/or displaying it using a widget on your page (Save the image to your computer and upload it to your blog post).. DONE

4. Don’t forget to use the tag #MyUltraAward when you make your post! DONE

5. Answer the following MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award questions. DONE BELOW 👇👇

1. What is your name? – Maria Job, Mary Job, Mojisola Job..Hehehe, pick one, or just call me M.J. 😹😹😹😹.

At a vegetable stall yesterday..who doesn't like efo-riro, recipe comes soon no worries.

2. Where are you from? – Nigeria.

3. How long have you been blogging and 4. why did you start? – About 16years now, started with freelance writing. I wanted to learn how to express my thoughts in words.

5. What are you most proud of? The Grace bestowed on me by my creator that gives me strength to carry on always.

6. What are your blogging goals? – To reach billions of people and touch their lives positively with my words.

7. How do you spend your free time? – watching cartoons 😁, experimenting with food recipes, drowning myself in good music, having fun with family and friends.

6. Nominate 1-8 blogs that you feel deserve the award and provide links.

1. bonnetcap blog – a new blog I just discovered, she is 99.9% original and presents her thoughts in an awesome manner. I can tell you she’s pretty awesome, even though we just met. Do check her out. 😍

2. A Thomas point of view’s blog – I have been following Tikeetha’s blog for a while now and I can tell you she’s another level of awesome, her posts gives you a fresh perspective, you know the writer thought about her words before blogging it out. If you are not following, OYO (slang for you are on your own) is your case.

3. My Sestina Blog – need a reality check, visit her blog. I love how I can connect to real life situations with her posts. Whaaaaat? Its not my fault that I follow awesome blogs :mrgreen::mrgreen:.

4. BjayBrooks blog – this award is about originality and presentation, I just recently discovered her blog, trust me you can’t get more original than this, explore her blog as she takes you through her life and times in an academic facility, we sure are willing to learn a lot from her experiences, plus she takes great shots too. 👌💖

5. Mopana’s Blog – I sure can’t forget to add her blog, she runs a super awesome blog and even though I know she’s award free, I can tell you this, you won’t regret a visit to her blog. 😎

6. Rommels’ Blog – Hmmm, before someone thinks I have been listing female bloggers. So I have been following Rommel for a long while now but sadly not his posts, I paid a visit to his site and I was blown away, great pictures, lovely stories, just how I like it, I am so watching this space henceforth, you should too if you love awesomeness.

7. Thumb Ups Blog – sad 😥 to think I have been missing on a whole lot of posts from bloggers I follow, you need to brighten up your day? Check out this blog, just by visiting, the layout is so welcoming and awesomely bright. 👌

8. Chapes’ Blog – how can I forget my personal health and fitness expert, even though we have never met before, he inspires me, and reminds me of how beautiful each person is awesomely made by our creator. Love your body? If you are not following him, maybe you don’t. 😂👌💖.

7. Provide 5 random facts about yourself (optional). Why Not! Hehehe. 👇👇

a. I like coffee
b. I love cartoons
c. I love children more when they are babies and are yet to start walking 😂
d. I love pounded yam and efo-riro
e. I love myself like no man/woman’s business.

8. List these rules in your post. Done.

9. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the MakeItUltra™Blogger Award and provide a link for them to your post. Sure, Done.

You do not need to be nominated to make nominations! Remember that you are under no obligation to participate. *winks*.

Thanking Sharon again for the nomination, by partaking I have discovered awesomeness. Haven’t you?:mrgreen:😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁. And now my breakfast is Stone cold😰😧, but worth it.

Join me please...☝👆☝👆i have Agege Bread, Cold Coffee drink, I put a block in it, and Fried Eggs with a little stew and Shaki (don't know the English word, someone help??)


  1. You most welcome Vicki. Now I know your name 😄😀💓. Haha. Oh yes its Tripe, googled trip images and my beloved shaki pictures came out. Thanks, I learnt something new today. 👍💕💗


  2. Shaki (don’t know the English word, someone help??)>>>I think it’s Tripe?
    OH dear! I’m award free and I wanted to thank you so much for thinking about me and the nice things you said about the playground!
    My name is Vicki. I’m from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Born deaf. Yeah, that’s it, I guess?!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats, MJ!!!
    I love your blouse, first of all 😀
    YAY! I´ve made the cut!! Thank you for including me among these awesome bloggers!
    Bad news is I´ve gone award free some time ago, and I feel much less stressed with no awards to catch up 🙂
    But I can answer all the other questions right now, my friend!
    My name is David. Chape is my nickname since I was a kid, and I like both 🙂
    I´m from Spain, and I´ve been blogging for 10… months 😉
    I need to think about what I´m proud of, honestly.
    My blogging goal is involving people in a healthy lifestyle… I´m on it 🙂
    In my free time, I like to play with my pets.
    I love cartoons as well, tattoos, chocolate, travelling, and electro music.
    Again, thank you so much for the recognition.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm…oh yeaaah. Thanksssss, I like what you have done with it. Yaaaay, awesome. And wow, another Spanish friend, I have some Spanish friends and am taking language lessons in Spanish like a snail. The only part that’s stuck is Hoy Es…what’s today 😂. I don’t play with my chocolates 😂😂😂. I should send you that blouse, no worries, its unisex, thanks, Ghanaian and Togolese Design. Its very comfy, been thinking of filling my wardrobe with various types. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, that´s great! Today is the only day that matters 😀
        And since now on, I declare myself a huge fan of Ghanaian and Togolese designs! We should go shopping some day 😉

        Liked by 2 people

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