Follow button not for everyone..

Surfing through instagram and I came across this; EPIC.



Listen to this (not his exact words but exactly his point);
to follow somebody,
to click the follow button,
it means you want to see their life,
then to be angry about what you see,
that means something is not right on your side,
itย is their world,
they can put up whatever they want to put up,
if it upsets you,
Normal people will just unfollow!!!!

Are you a normal person? Or are you one of those who cant argue constructively? or who engage in destructive critiques? or who cant waka pass (walk away) if you have nothing good to say? who stalk other people’s profiles looking for faults and waiting to pounce on them with insults and all? Think about it!!!!



    1. Oh yeah, I absolutely concur. Welldone I try to be kind too. There are always better ways of communicating dislike in constructive ways. I always say, If you can’t make someone smile, don’t add to their hurt.


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