A Sadly Diminished Reading Culture

This is correct in many ways, I quite wonder about this habit sometimes too. I remember one of my dreams is to build next gen libraries for kids in areas with no access to the facilities. I must admit I am a lazy reader myself these days, I take forever to finish one book. I am very guilty of plugging my ear with headphones, It’s a high for me because when I do so, it is i against the world. *chuckles*. In my opinion technology advancement isn’t so much of a bad influence, how it is used determines that, did I mention I am very guilty of calling anyone close to me extinct if they are not up to date in the IT world. I think back then, I dare say it was black and white, today it is black, yellow, red, green, magenta, different shades of pink, blue, blah blah as we see in our Aso Ebi Syndrome. I will explain, back then, tell your parents you want to be an artist, and they go like whaaaaaaaat!! Today there are different shades of artists and its awesome. Back then, one cap fits a lot, today you have to be pretty specific…so much specializations its overwhelming. But this doesn’t excuse the bad habit of not reading, folks today want the answers in the palm of their hands, they don’t want to troubleshoot or undertake any form of research, to Google is a serious problem for folks. I know because I once thought like that, my wonderful cousin who’s birthday is today taught me well, I would ask for a solution I know he knows and he would tell me to go read up and let him in on my findings, I would be angry like would you please just tell me, he would say nope, go read up. Gosssh, bottom line, today I am a better person because I formed the habit of reading, troubleshooting, and watching tutorial videos online. So in a way technology isn’t the problem, people are. Can you imagine what it takes to be able to decipher accurate information online, heck my back hurts. Lol. One could spend hours trying to find a little piece of accurate information. Let me put it like this, if a friend says he or she wants to get an iPhone (we know it’s expensive). My next question would be why do you need an iPhone? In my opinion if you are getting an high end gadget, its because it has a purpose to fulfill. Not for fancy reasons, or because everyone has one. Hmmmm I write a lot, to be continued… XO.


When we were growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, reading was a central part of the social culture and also became the norm. My siblings and I were surrounded by a plethora of reading materials – books, comics, magazines and children’s encyclopedia. The natural result of that environment was gravitation towards voracious reading. What is truly remarkable is that we started spontaneously reading at relatively tender ages – below 10 years. We discovered a whole new and delightful world within the pages of all this literature (my sister loved the ‘Apollo Magazine’). I still have clear images of we, the oldest three, sprawled out on the carpet at various angles, reading. And did we have a ball! I’ll always remember with nostalgia some unforgettable titles such as “Yaa Goes South”, “People and Progress” “Newfangled Notions” and “Nonsense from Serbia” (a hilarious encyclopedic composition). In later years, I would amass…

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    1. Honestly no one wants to read anymore, entertainment industry has taken over, I wouldn’t have minded, afterall I love music…but honestly the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear most Naija songs is WTF, I mean what the heck. I thought one was supposed to get inspired listening to music? Annoying more is when they want solutions without sweating, that means reading!! They look at you like you wasting time, just dump a finished product in their lap, the process doesn’t concern them.


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