A Deathless Death..

Sitting alone in the corner, how did I get here?
My eyes red and puffy, why the tears?
Drained of all power and emotion, where is my strength?
I feel hopeless and ashamed, where’s my confidence?
Life has left me, yet I’m not dead.

To the ones we’ve given our trust and now betrayed
To the ones who said they loved us but enslave us
To the ones from whom we draw strength who made us weak
To the ones who have shamed us over and over again
To the ones who have killed us inside and left us for dead.

Death from the inside I’ve tried to conquer.
Your lies and blackmail is all I’ve heard.
You’ve made me less and less of what I am, but yet you want to make love.
I’ve never been good enough for you but why are you still here?
You make me feel it’s a privilege but you’ve never left.
You’ve killed me over and over again, but yet I stand

The time has come to make alive,
To clear the rot and feel the life
To clear the smog and feel the light
To step outside and feel the breeze.
To clear the shackles binding my emotions and be happy
To be rid of you, I must take my walk.


Written by my guest writer #KiKi…Click to read #KiKi’s previous posts…



  1. I was reading this and, I was thinking, No; this can’t be Mary- Mary never writes dark poetry lol. I was right, hahaha. Loved it though; the paradoxes are very thoughtful. Kiki writes well.

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  2. Damn! This poem is a powerhouse! And your last line is correct. You must walk away and never look back…And never forget.

    It is possible to forgive someone who inflicts damage on people because he or she enjoys it. But it is dangerous to forget that people like this exist.

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  3. I’m on your side Mary! I think you have the confidence to lead a good life Get out of this! You should never be with someone who makes you unhappy! Best regards: D xOx

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