Planetary Mindset.

This is by far the best piece I have read that points to objective thoughts. I have often wondered why it is so difficult for one to be open minded. Which is why I always propose to people who argue solely on their perspective if they have tried to look from another’s perspective!! I wrote a piece once on Open-mindedness



There is a Chinese proverb which says,

If you want to know the taste of water, don’t ask the fish!

Hold on to this thought.

It has been almost two years since I left Zimbabwe to study in India. It has been quite an insightful experience for me; I have loosened up on some beliefs and pitched tent on some with the help of quite different perspectives I have picked up on from here. This idea of using insight from outside my community is the basis of this blog post. Bear with me!

Have you ever wondered why some crimes or immoral activities are prevalent in certain geographies? Suicide cases, bombings, mass shootings etc. are some activities you would reasonably associate with certain regions across the globe. Even poverty and war have their regions of prevalence.

Could it be that can be a result of a glitch in…

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