Lagos BRT new buses… Where’s the Stop Button??

This post is for those who patronise the new Lagos BRT buses or who would like to. I always loved getting in those buses until they became old and I became afraid of them, but thanks to the Lagos State new governor, well not really new, been in office 6months, he ordered new BRT buses to be brought in to ply the mile12 – Cms route. Good move considering the fact that they are fitted with Air Conditioners that works perfectly. However, I have taken that bus a lot this year but my dilemma is this, I couldn’t find the buttons to press to indicate I want to alight, I observed and observed, Nada, instead I was always lucky they stopped at every dedicated bus stop.
Anyway don’t fret folks because I finally found where the buttons to press are located. I sat near someone last time who was also looking for it until someone pointed it out, hidden in plain sight. There I was like whaaaaàaaaaaaaaaat!!! There you have it below, yellow arrow pointing at it…mwwaahhh Lovelies.



P.S – the Blue Lagos BRT buses ply Mile 12 – CMS/TBS. It’s 120naira for the whole trip and 70naira midway being Fadeyi bus stop. That means you buy a 70naira ticket if you will alight before or at Fadeyi either coming from mile 12 or CMS. At that point, tickets are checked to ensure all with 70naira tickets alight, for those going further, you are to buy a 120naira ticket for the whole trip. #Kapish


  1. The best place to hide things IS in plain sight! A few lets in the aphabet can be turned upside down to form other letters. Choose the right wording, and what you want to say can be hidden in plain sight; you just have to turn the letters back over… They even make machines called ‘computers’ LOL, that unjumble words…

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      1. People who act a certain way, often trnsfer their way of thinking to their job, so you get buttons hidden in plain sight. Unfortunate some are trained to think deviously. Or perhaps it’s designed so children won’t play with it?

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        1. Perhaps.. But not needed. Wouldn’t the children play with it once they discover its location. I almost thought the buses had no stop button. The builder must have been really devious.. Loolz.


          1. We live in a greedy world Mary… Nothing you don’t know; my electric toothbrush died before the batteries! Hand held can openers don’t work anymore! I loaf of bread for $3.69? Ever get work done on your teeth? It’s a small fortune!

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