Keep the Fire for Good Burning…#stopthebombing

Fiery Flames ....Fury

It is said that if you see the Moon….. You   see the beauty of God!!
If you see the Sun….. You see the power of God!!
And if you see the Mirror. You see the best Creation of GOD!!

I stood about 1feet and the half from this fire while it burned and I could feel the fury, I didn’t spend up to 60seconds..i retreated. This post is dedicated to all those who have survived a fire attack(explosions, bombs, etc), and to those who are fire fighters….what can I say but being grateful for your lives. You are indeed God’s best creation. I cannot begin to imagine your strength and courage, you are awesome. Thank you. For those that never made it out of the fire, God bless your souls!!

The most wasted day in life is the day in which I have not laughed. ~ Charlie Chaplin
Blessed Sunday.

Cheerio Lovelies
Each new idea begins with an impulse, at times technical, sometimes material, often visual ~ Charles O. Job.


  1. My cousin was a firefighter for the City of Flint, Michigan and he tragically died while fighting a house fire, so thank you for your support for firefighters. I almost died in my neighbor’s house fire. I wrote about it in my post “How I Almost Became a Crispy-Fried Critter” if you’d like to check it out. šŸ™‚

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