Have a heart world....! **Sighs**

I have got no money in my hands
Or in my coat
Or in my pocket
I won’t get to space
Because I have not a rocket
But I have air in my lungs
Eyes in my sockets
And a heart that beats
Like a tap that leaks in the night
When you have not a plumber
Who can stop it
Jack in a box
Without a key to lock it
Well this boat may sink
BUT I am not gonna rock it
Because the sea knows not my name…

Written by Herbert Uba, a wonderful friend and Blogger. He’s so awesome, he gave me permission to post this on my blog after I found it on his Facebook status and commented thus:

Wow. You always amaze me. This brought back the images of those kids who washed ashore the sea recently after a boat wreck . God bless their souls. These words should Inspire anyone who is down. Thank you Herbert.

Have a heart world….and treat each other as humans. #AllLivesMatter…yes they do!!


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