Soul Selfies challenge..

Sitting here this afternoon, trying to decide which chore is next on my to-do list for the day(not that I have done any…*smirks*), then i got this picture from a sweet uncle and i thought to share. It’s a good Question for us all.

Soul Selfie!!

I’m definitely not perfect, way below worthy but I sure would like to take a selfie of my soul and post it up. Would you??


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  1. nice2beme says:

    I think I would give it a try 😉

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    1. Mary Job says:

      waiting for it…*winks*

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  2. I would have to look at the picture first lmao! I have never been photogenic so I’m not sure how a pic of my soul would turn out 🙂

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    1. Mary Job says:

      hahahaha, but of course one has to see the photo first, but hey that will be cheating now, its supposed to be snap and post…no peeking, LOL

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  3. Prof. Dayo Alao says:

    Phoned severally. Where are You.



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