Invest In Children

Class Series Again…yesterday my teacher told us about a time when she was a child, she said there was this man who lived very close to their school, and everyday they would pass by his house, on their way home.

It so happened that, this man and his peers were into business and were making money, but while his friends were building mansions and buying expensive cars, this man didn’t build a new house or buy a car, much less rebuilding his own house.

Out of curiosity, they, the children asked him one day; why are you not building new houses like your friends Sir?? He answered, I am investing my money very well, look at my investments right here!!

He pointed at his children!!!! She says today, one of them, just retired as a chief justice in our country.

What are you investing in?




  1. I don’t care for the term “Human Capital” but I agree taking the time and spending resources on things that will give a hand up to our fellow man is a very good investment indeed. If you check out my most recent post “Dragon’s Loyalty Award you will see that I nominated you for this award! 🙂

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